3 Best Mattresses Under 20,000

Who knew finding the best mattresses under 20,000 in India could be so easy? Know all about these mattresses here.

Buying a mattress is a difficult and tiresome job as it requires a lot of effort of physical verification and finding the best mattress brand. You may be annoyed due to disturbed sleep hours, lethargic, facing body pain, feeling drowsy and not able to concentrate on work. All this stems from a sagging mattress and unhealthy sleep environment.

While you spent 1/3rd of your life sleeping, compromising on the sleep quality is should not be an option. it has a direct impact on your daily routine and work quality. To make the task easy for you, we are here with the list of best mattresses under 20,000 which offers all-around comfort and relaxed sleep.

Best Mattresses Under 20,000

1. Blessings Coir Mattress-Perfect Mattress for Couples

    Coir Mattress

    Usha Mattress is known as one of the best Online mattress brands that offer overall support to your body. This helps you to sleep peacefully. Blessing Coir Mattress is made from the advanced configuration that allows partners to sleep without disturbing the other. It is made from a 5-advanced layer which includes Linen Side Fabric. The fabric which is known for automatic temperature regulation which keeps your mattress cold and avoids over-heating. The Premium Knitted Jacquard Fabric gives a rich feel to the body when you sleep and helps to sleep more. The Rubberised Coir brings in the natural benefits of coconut fibres. It acts as the perfect support for the body. The Soft PUF Quilt assures durability and bounciness. The Power Rebond layer gives the correct alignment to your body and you are free from spinal and back issues.


    • Treated with Zero-Microbe technology which keeps the mattress free from bacteria and fungus. The mattress is fully-sanitised to avoid the growth of microbes.
    • 7-year warranty and same comfort which means no mattress sagging issue.
    • Zero Partner Disturbance which allows no motion transfer and you may be cosy with your partner.
    • Eliminates the worry to compromise on firmness as it offers dual comfort. So, choose your favourite side and wake up rejuvenated.

      2. Activelife Rebonded Foam Mattress

        Usha Activelife Rebonded Foam Mattress

        Backache and spinal issues are currently one of the serious problems among people of all age group. This is because of the stagnant working life and long working hours. This system has reduced the body’s motion and movement. Poor quality mattress, firm chair foam, etc. trigger body pain and you remain lethargic and irritated whole day.

        However, the orthopaedic mattress is considered to be expensive and people avoid to buy one for themselves. To avoid these worries, Usha Activelife is one of the best orthopaedic mattresses under 20,000.


        • Distributes and neutralises the Pressure points. It helps to avoid toss and turn all night and provides undisturbed sleep.
        • Your body gets the correct alignment as the foam takes the shape of the body. It thus provides support from all the edges.
        • You are free to sleep in your favourite sleeping position without worrying about body pain in the morning. It keeps you active the whole day.
        • The high-density material gives a rich feel to the body and bouncy texture to avoid stiffness. This, in turn, avoids body pain.
        • No issues of overheating which. It thus avoids body sweat and sleeps disturbance.

        An orthopaedic mattress helps you to avoid high-dose medicines and regular visits to orthopaedists. Neck or shoulder crams are also a common issue which is eliminated with an orthopaedic mattress. If you switch to a doctor-recommended orthopaedic mattress, it reduces the serious issue of body pain.

        3. Slumber Rebonded Foam Mattress

          Slumber Rebonded Foam Mattress

          An all-round comfortable mattress which is suitable for all body types. It offers long-lasting comfort and relaxing long-sleeping hours. It is important that you have a sound & peaceful sleep of at least 7 hours a day for maximum productivity and output. Moreover, mental peace is directly related to your sleep quality and sleep environment.

          With these criteria in mind, our manufacturing team offers Rebonded Foam mattresses which are available in varied size options. You can even get it customized according to your bed size. Known as one of the best mattresses under 20,000, Slumber comes with the following benefits-

          • Eliminates the growth of Microbes, fungus or Dust Mites. This is because each Usha mattress is treated with Zero Microbe technology which keeps the mattress sanitized and avoids respiratory issues.
          • Automatic Temperature Regulation keeps the mattress cool and fresh. It has 3D temperature regulation which allows air to pass freely. It further eliminates any issue of overheating or off-gassing.
          • 24*7 moisture regulation keeps the mattress fresh and eliminates foul smell or stickiness in the mattress.
          • Your sleep environment is clear, i.e., no worries of smell, odour, dust mite, seat, etc.

          The mattress is crafted with Dual comfort technology which means you can use the mattress from both sides with equal level of support. Long-lasting elasticity and durability offer a minimum of 5 years of warranty and no issues of sagging. It is important that your body is in the correct alignment when you sleep because during sleep hours you may not realize the pain you have. But you might wake up with back pain and body pain. The reality is that low-quality foam triggers pain during sleep which you will experience the next morning.

          With the following benefits, Usha Mattress offers 24*7 support of sleep experts who listen to your sleep problems and suggest the right mattress for you. It is important that you know the problem before you invest in a mattress. Doing your research is important. Don’t forget to read customer reviews, return & exchange policy of the Online Mattress Brands. Moreover, choose a mattress that you feel will be comfortable and suitable for your body.

          This was the list of 3 best mattresses under 20,000. Which one are you going to invest in?

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