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About Ushra Shriram Mattresses

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"Love this mattress. So comfortable and value for money. They definitely keep up the brand legacy."

Mr. Ramachandra Swami

I had heard the brand's name and have tried their other products so I thought, let me try their mattresses as well, after all they are such a renowned name. And the mattress was beyond my expectations. Good mattress shopping.

Mrs. Sita Ramayan

Gifted their mattress on my daughter's wedding and she feelsĀ very relaxed when she wakes up in the morning. Ā I trust Usha for all the purchases.

Mr. Vivek Sippi

Good orthopaedic mattress, no more back ache. TheirĀ naturalexĀ mattress is very comfortable and soft to touch.

Mrs. Priya Ramesh Boradia

Don't think twice when purchasing your mattress from them.

Ms. Rhea Varghese

Industry's Pioneer since 1986

Brand Usha Shriram is known for its quality and reliability and has built its reputation over decades through millions of satisfied customers. We have pan IndiaĀ after sales service network.

Trusted For Generations

Usha Shriram Mattresses is a brand that customers can trust for generations, a force to reckon to and sleep systems that impart peaceful sleep to them.

Smart Series Memory Foam and Rebonded Foam Mattress

India's First Fully Sanitised Mattresses

You might be thinking twice before stepping out of the house. But have you ever wondered whether your indoor is safe? Presenting Usha Shriram's Sanitised mattresses, treated with Zero Microbe Technology. It's time to say bye to all Virus, bacteria, fungi and dust mites.

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