Anxiety Issues Vs. Sleep? How to Choose Sleep!

Anxiety is one of the common issues that majority of the people are facing during lockdown. For those who are extroverts, love social gatherings or love meeting new people are affected the most. These people are getting affected by getting regular rising news of virus, lockdown-unlock news and even pay-cut.

First thing that gets affected when you are anxious is “your sleep”. Just when you lay down for sleep, you start thinking about these issues.

Different people are facing different issues at present:

  • Will I get be able to get a new job?
  • Will I get more client?
  • Is my current job at risk?
  • Will my long-distance relationship be affected?
  • How will I pay back the loan if the pandemic continuous?

This list is long. But all these issues lead to sleepless nights and insomnia. Other signs of anxiety are sweating, nervousness, not being able to focus, breathing issues, etc.

From not getting enough sleep to feeling drowsy all day long is a common problem at present. Tension and worries affect our sleep cycle and also impact our work quality. Here are the few steps that you can take to get a proper and relaxed sleep:

How To Get Rid of Anxiety?

1. Listen to Podcasts

Listen to people who can tell the cause of insomnia and help in getting a better sleep. At post 9pm, there are different mediation and podcast session that helps to get a sound and tension free sleep.

It would help in getting rid of mental stress and you will feel relaxed after taking continuous sessions for at least a week.

Yoga beats anxiety

2. Yoga before Bed

Yoga has helped a lot of people in breathing, releasing stress, thought control and calming your body during different issues. Here are few postures you can try that can alleviate anxiety:

  • Legs on the wall
  • Seated forward bend
  • Cow pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Standing forward bend

yoga for anxiety

3. Relax and Think

Do mediation, write down things that are making you anxious or making you think continuously. Try finding solutions for these problems. Don’t let your worries over-power you.

Read a good book, talk to people who are close to you and share your thoughts with them.

meditate for anxiety

4. Self-care and Self-love

Skin routine is one of the good practices that helps in peaceful sleep. Start a skin care routine before you go to bed like cleaning your face, brushing your teeth, do not use phone before bed and eat before 8 Pm. You can also decorate your room to keep yourself busy or re-arrange the exiting setting of the home and many more.

self-care for anxiety

Apps that can help in getting a good sleep

Other than the above steps, you may also download apps that are known to trigger a Good Night Sleep. Few of them are:

  1. Calm- Listen to stories that are motivational, different sleep sessions or music that helps in relaxing.
  2. Sleep Sounds: Customised Soothing sound for your mind and an uninterrupted sleep experience.
  3. Audible: Different podcast, news & stories with sleep timers. It helps in creating a good sleep environment and helps you to sleep peacefully.

You can adopt your own means or find different techniques to fight the lockdown blues and manage your anxiety.

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