Best Bedtime Stories for Your Child

We all loved listening to stories from our grandparents before sleep and enjoyed a blissful and sound sleep. Reading to kids during bedtime helps them to have a good night's sleep and enjoy fresh mornings. It is believed that your sleep environment has an effect on your morning mood and hence it is advisable to introduce them to good words, character and picture so that they have happy dreams. Some of the evergreen bedtime stories are:

R. K. Narayan: The Malgudi Days

It is a collection of 32 short stories that revolve around a small town in South India, ‘Malgudi’. Stories are not interconnected and can be read individually by people of all age group. Theme and storyline will keep your child engrossed and keep them fresh and calm. Soft tone and interesting storyline will give them a peaceful sleep.

Malgudi Days bedtime story

Beauty and the Beast

Let your child know that a book should not be judged by its cover. The story revolves around the curse given to the beast (the prince) which would be broken if he gets a girl who truly loved him. Story is all about being good to people even if they do not give you anything in return.

Beauty and the beast bedtime story

Roald Dahl: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chocolate is a kid's first love and telling them the adventure of 11-year-old boy Charlie Bucket will excite them. Charlie gets the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where he goes with few other kids. On his visit he meets Willy’s factory helpers and enjoys their magical treats. The book is all about chocolate, adventure, fun and a moral ending. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is another edition to the Bedtime Story list.

Charlie and the chocolate factory bedtime story

Pandit Vishnu Sharma: Panchatantra Short Stories

It is a compilation of many short stories with different moral and lesson having well-designed examples and theme. You can read and re-read these entertaining and educative stories to let your child learn good values and qualities for a useful life. Panchatantra is an old and classic bedtime story which can be read by people of any age group.

Panchantantra Bedtime Story

The Crow and the Pitcher

Story is of a crow whose beak could not reach the water as it was at the bottom of the pitcher. The crow used all his intelligence and effort and started to drop pebbles in the pitcher and eventually the water level rose and the bird was able to quench his thirst.

The crow and the pitcher bedtime story

A happy ending is all your kid needs before a good and peaceful sleep. It is all about telling your kids to be attentive and smart even at difficult situations and never lose hope. It is their effort and calmness which will make them find their goal.

The list of bedtime stories that give your child a good and sound sleep is endless. However, this is not the only solution for a healthy environment. If the mattress on their bed is not comfortable, they will not be able to complete their sleep and feel tired the next day. Let no pain and discomfort reach your child so that he/she is active early morning to break all barriers.

Check the quality of foam, fabric and spring of the mattress before buying it. We suggest you to opt for a natural mattress that helps them to enjoy perfect sleep without any worry.

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