Can Yoga Help In Sleeping Better?

Yoga is not only good for improving core strength, mobility, and levels of stress; it can also help you sleep better, particularly if you have insomnia. If people with insomnia practice yoga daily, they sleep longer, fall asleep faster, and come back to sleep faster if they wake up in the middle of the night. This also extends to elderly people at the age of 60 years old and suffering from insomnia. It helps them as well to have improved sleeping performance, sleep longer, and feel better during the day.

Yoga is a gentle and restorative experience throughout the day. According to a national survey, more than 55% of people who did yoga helped them to sleep better. Yoga helps in lowering blood pressure by more than 85 percent. You can make poses more relaxed with supportive props like bolsters, shoes and frames. It helps you to remain in your place longer with deep breathing.

There are many other advantages of doing yoga every day, whether you do it before going to bed or after waking up.

Yoga for sleep

Yoga Helps Reduce Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety play a significant role in sleep. A common practice of yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is capable of reducing cortisol levels and decreasing pressure, both of which are high in people who are anxious or depressed. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated by yoga. It allows you to relax your mind and body and helps to sleep better.

As per a study conducted, there was a positive change in several areas due to the deep physiological conditions that can be achieved through yoga. This includes energy metabolism, immune function, and serotonin-generating insulin secretion.

Yoga Renews the Body

Yoga Renews the Body

Yoga does this in two ways: by facilitating the release of toxins and by increasing the supply of oxygen. Toxins often are retained in tissue and organ, and yoga leads to their release. Pranayama also refills the body and increases the oxygen supply. Yoga before bedtime will remove toxins, help calm the mind, and relieve the body of daily stress. The body and its pressures can be refreshed in a way that helps to get a good sleep even in the afternoon.

Yoga Calms the Mind

There is no doubt that yoga gives people a sense of tranquillity. The combination of breathing, posture, and respiration is an ideal way to calm the mind. Yoga will prepare us not only physically, but also mentally for a particular shut-eye if performed before bedtime. The mind can also be clean of worries and seems more relaxed.

People often find it difficult to sleep because they have something in mind that keeps them awake. These disturbing thoughts might be related to their job, investment, relationship problems, or next day planning. Yoga will help the body to relax and avoid the talk before bedtime. We need to shift our mind to a state of relaxation for our body to relax to a sleeping level.

Yoga Eases Muscles and Joint Pain

Yoga for muscles and joint pain

Stretching before bed is a great way to relieve muscle and joint pain. After a long day at work, most people experience nighttime aches, particularly those who work on their feet or sit the whole day at a desk. It will be challenging to have a sound sleep without being able to ease muscle and joint pain. A significant benefit of doing yoga before bedtime is that right before your head hits the pillow, you can relieve muscle tension.

Yoga Improves Breathing

Symptoms like snoring and sleep apnea are due to breathing inappropriately, Just like over-breathing or fast breathing. Snoring is often caused by stress, sinus problems, diabetes, or difficulties with breathing, whereas sleep apnea is a common symptom of people with stress, anxiety or lung disease. Yoga breathing exercises can contribute to eradicating both these issues and leads to a night of better sleep.

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