Celebrate Clean & Healthy Diwali

Wondering how you can celebrate a clean and healthy Diwali in 2020? Here’s a list of things you should try.

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights. You enlighten your home with diya and candles and lit every corner of your house to make it shine. However, with time everything changes. Some for the better while somethings bring about a healthy change in the essence of the festival.

While this year, celebration will not be the same due to Coronavirus. All of us will go for a safe and clean Diwali to avoid unnecessary contact with people and maintain hygiene at home. You can still celebrate Diwali 2020 and assure safety and cleanliness. Here are the few of the many things that you may do to make your festive season fun and healthy-

6 Ways to Celebrate A Healthy Diwali

1. Fresh and Natural Rangoli

What is Diwali, without a rangoli? It is no fun. If you are the one who is responsible at home to make a nice and colourful rangoli, then go for something natural. You can choose either of the two options to make a colourful and clean rangoli:

  • Rangoli from fresh flowers: Take marigold, rose, tulips and Ashoka tree leaves. Split it from its bud and separate the floor petals nicely. Do not let the rose petals break as it may not look nice on your rangoli.
  • Rangoli from coloured rice: Take long grain rice and get it washed. All you have to do is to take haldi for yellow, neel for blue colour, alta or red mirchi powder for red and atta for white. Take a small portion of rice for each colour, rice should be wet and mix the colour you want to make and you’ll have a clean and natural rangoli.

Flower Rangoli

2. Get customized Plants for Your room

Pledge to buy 10 plants for your home and plant it inside your home. Moreover, you can shift from the common expensive gift you buy and send one to your loved ones as well. You can even send them air purifying indoor plants.


You can paint your planters as per your choice and put them near your rangoli or where you’ll have your Diwali family picture. It’s time to go green, not just for Diwali 2020 but for future festivities as well. You can even send Kitchen Herbs, Money Plant, Bonsai, Bamboo plant instead of a simple plant. celebrate fresh and clean Diwali with your loved ones.

3. Strictly Say No to Crackers

Pollution is a serious issue at present. You are one who can contribute effectively to curb this problem and contribute to avoid the rise in serious Air Pollution issues. You might think of different eco-friendly crackers that promise less-pollution. But let’s think for a second. Is that going to meet the goal of clean and healthy Diwali?

You can choose from these ideas and get that almost-crackers feel:

  • Halogen balloons: You can make different bunch of balloons filled with halogen. You can decide the shape and size of the balloon as per your choice. Once done inflating, you can free them up in the air and enjoy it with your children.


  • Balloons filled with glitters: Let the kids fill glitters and toffees in the balloon and burst them to get a cracker


  • Sky Lanterns: One of the best and traditional styles of peaceful, yet soulful Diwali with your family and friends. Buy colourful sky lanterns and go in an open space (especially terrace) and lit the lanterns and watch it reaching the sky.

Factories that make crackers, employ a lot of young children and exploit them with less pay and more work. So, not just for clean and safe Diwali but also for safe children you have to give away crackers.

say no to crackers

4. Have Dinner in a traditional Way

We all have our native places and a tradition that our grandparents follow. But we have been detached because of our Urban living pattern. So, why not go back to where it all started and enjoy Diwali 2020 in a natural and pure way. Are you taking out your same boring dinner plates that you have been using every year? Same plates laid out in the same pattern will be no more fun. Add a little twist and make it look different.

For those from the south, can cook their traditional food and eat it on a banana leaf. While those who want to try something different can eat on The Bastard Teak leaves. They are pure and fresh. So, you can enjoy a eco-friendly party at home with lot more fun and celebration.

traditional lunch


5. Decorate Your home creatively (DIY)

Decoration is one of the most attractive things in every home during the festive season. We look for creative ideas and means to lighten up both our home interiors and exterior.

However, we end up buying plastic and rubber items that have long-term impact. So, this year go for DIY Decoration with some creative ideas and designs. Make use of your old dupattas, bangles, ice-cream sticks, glass jars and many other items. You can make a wall-hanging, drape your door with a dupatta and sari, paint the glass jar with different colours and hang it all over the place and enjoy Diwali in the traditional way.

For Diya, you can make it from clay or mud and not go for plastic diyas. Make colourful candles from leftover wax and old candles at home.

Diya Decor

6. Donate and Feel Happy

Every year we buy new clothes for ourselves and our family. We even spend a lot on our gifts and decorations. This year, Diwali will not be the same for many who have lost their jobs. Some had to travel back to their home due to Coronavirus and many poor people were paid half their salary as the construction and manufacturing sites were closed.

Donate and give away your new clothes and sweets to those who need it. Bring a smile on the face of the poor and needy people. Your One-time shopping money might be a reason for celebration for many. Not just clothes, you can distribute sweets or books or your clean old clothes, bangles and many more things.


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