Celebrate The Wedding Season With The Best Wedding Mattress In India

Wedding season is in session, and your plans for the event are underway. Here are some tips on how to plan for the wedding season and ensure you have the best wedding mattress in India for your wedding night.

Worried about your life after marriage and all the responsibilities that would be on you? Is it anything that you can do about it? Yes, being a good manager at home and in your married life is something that could make it easy for you.

While you would be giving your best at everything that you would do, there is one thing that nobody could compromise and nobody should compromise on. We are talking about 8 hours of healthy sleep. A good 8 hours of sound and cosy sleep will keep you active and rejuvenated for the day.

Wedding Mattress

Changing your mattress disturbs your sleep a bit. You had a habit of sleeping alone but now you have to share your bed with your life partner. You might not like the disturbance of people moving on the bed and now you might have to share your bed with a troubled sleeper.

If you are planning to get married, then you need to start planning your wedding on time. With the wedding season already in, you want the best mattress to get your best sleep in the days before your wedding. We have researched and compared the best options in a wedding mattress available in India.

Do not worry, we at Usha mattress have been very generous while crafting the best couple mattress in India. Check out the blog and do share your experience and thoughts.

Why Usha Mattress Offers The Best Wedding Mattress In India

Best Wedding Mattress in India

While your mattress has changed and you are skeptical about how you would be adjusting with your partner and his sleep preference, we have something good for you. Usha Blessing Coir-Mattress is the Best wedding mattress in India you can look out for:

1. Premium Knitted Fabric

Even though you cover your mattress with a bed sheet, the outer fabric should still be comfortable and soft to sleep on. Only few get to rest peacefully after a big-fat Indian wedding. Usha’s 5-layer soft quilt foam mattress helps you to stretch your self and relax a little.

2. Motion-Isolation / Zero-Partner Disturbance

Couple mattress in India

It becomes really annoying if you have a habit of sleeping alone. But after being married, your partner has a habit of moving around frequently in his/her sleep. So, what is the solution? Go for Usha’s motion-isolation mattress that has zero partner disturbance. This means when the other person gets-up at night or changes their sleep position, you do not feel the motion.

It might happen that a slight movement of the other person causes jerk on your neck or spine and you get disturbed during the night. As the foam contours to your body shape, your body is fixed on the mattress and you wake up fresh.

3. Dual Comfort Mattress

While you might like a firm top mattress, your partner might prefer a soft mattress. Our couple wedding mattress has a dual comfort feature. This means you can change the side of the mattress as per your comfort and enjoy a blissful sound sleep.

As the mattress is the combination of soft and firm foam, it has a right balance of the comfort you need at night. Why adjust as per your mattress when your mattress can adjust as per you?

4. Temperature Regulating

Best Mattress in India

Chemically infused low-quality mattresses get heated up early. Hence, you end up sweating on the mattress due to the over-heating of the mattress cell. The advanced 3D cell-structure of the wedding mattress and allows the air to circulate and keeps the mattress cool at night.

5. Sleep Free & Relaxed

Being the wedding mattress in India, Usha Blessings mattress is made of soft PUF quilt and rebonded foam. This gives a bouncy texture and comfort during sleep. These foams align with your spine and gives support from all side, making it relaxing and stress releasing.

Additionally, you are free to sleep in your desired posture by cuddling with your partner and not worrying about your body and back ache.

6. Hypoallergenic

Buy Mattress in India

A newly wed couples need a calm sleep environment. This means everything should be in sync to create the ambience light, happy and stress free.

Made from Zero-microbe Technology, Usha Blessings wedding mattress makes your sleep environment free from dust-mites and microbes. Thus, you do not have to worry  about respiratory issues like cough or cold in the morning.

A good sleep means a good day and a good-day leads to a peaceful good-night. Your marriage is new and you are in an early stage of building a new bond and a new life ahead. With a comfortable sleep time, you can mark your mornings refreshing and active. This will keep you full of energy throughout the day.

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