Coronavirus Myths You Should Be Aware Of!

Coronavirus is the talk of every household and we are being told to take different measures and precautions to reduce the chance of getting affected. One of the most distributed information is that once the temperature rises or it becomes hot and humid, the chances of the virus getting transmitted would reduce. This in itself is a myth and misleading. 

corona myths vs. facts

So, here we are to make you aware of certain facts by taking help from WHO guidelines and directives of the health ministry-

Myth 1-Corona can be transmitted in hot and humid areas.

This new virus can be transmitted in all areas irrespective of the weather and hence you are required to frequently clean your hands and keep your area sanitized. Additionally, neither the snow nor cold weather can kill the virus. So, all you need is to keep washing your hand in every 1 hour with a soap preferably and if it is not possible then from an alcohol-based sanitizer which should at least have 60% of alcohol. Stop touching your eyes, nose, and mouth because there may be a chance that the virus is on your hand.

Myth 2-Hot water bath will NOT help.

The normal temperature of our body is around 36.5°C to 37°C irrespective of the fact that what is the temperature of water you are using for a bath. Hence, it is important to be hygienic and sanitized.

Myth 3-Mosquito bite will not infect.

Virus is not transmitted through mosquito but it is a respiratory virus that spread through the droplet which comes when a person sneezes or coughs. It is also transmitted through the droplet of running nose and hence it is important to take measures. The majority of citizens have switched to work from home and would be spending time at home. Change your bedsheet frequently, go for a hypoallergenic mattress which can give you a healthy sleep environment.

A good quality mattress has anti-dust mite and anti-allergic features, so people with asthma would not be affected at this time. This may not avoid the virus but can avoid getting allergies which might further result in cough and cold. An organic and anti-bacterial mattress will give healthy sleep and will be good for those having respiratory problems.

Myth 4-Don't wear a mask all the time.

To eliminate getting infected, it is not necessary to wear a mask all the time. Only those who have a cold and cough have to wear. Additionally, this is causing a shortage of masks for doctors whereas it is more important for them to have a high-quality mask due to constant exposure to germs.

Myth 5-Garlic and Turmeric helps in avoiding the risk.

There is no doubt that garlic, turmeric, ginger are known as antioxidants and boost our immunity but there is no evidence that its consumption may help to avoid the risk of getting infected. All that is required for now is-self-quarantine, social distancing, frequent hand wash from soap and use of alcohol-based sanitizer. Most importantly, avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes without washing your hand.

Stay Safe, Stay at home.

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