Easy Food Recipe For Your Lockdown Blues

We know that the lockdown is stretching much more that you expected and now it is getting tiring to cook all 3-meals and then do both office and household work at the same time. It was initially quite exploring and fun for those who wanted to escape 9 to 5 job every day and for those who were looking for an opportunity to spend time with their family but now we are sure it is getting on your nerves.

So here we are with simple food that you can prepare in 15 to 30 minutes with just a few ingredients to avoid stepping out every now and then:

Suja/Rava Dhokla: 

Filing and easy to make Rava Dhokla which does not require you to stand near the gas and keep looking at it.

Ingredients Required

-1 cup Suji

-1 cup Dahi/Curd

-1 teaspoon Eno


-1/3rd cup Water


  1. Mix Suji, Water, Curd, and salt in a bowl and beat it until you find it smooth. It should not have any lump.
  2. Leave it for 15 minutes and meanwhile boil water in a big steamer and grease the tray in which you will put the batter.
  3. Now after 15 min add Eno and 1 teaspoon oil in the batter, mix it for 1 minute till you see the bubble, and immediately pour it in the tray which you had greased.
  4. Keep it in the steamer and it would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes. Poke it with knife to see if it is cooked and enjoy with chutney or ketchup. 

homemade dhokla recipe

Pan Cakes

To help you address your sweet craving during binge-watch, here we have easy 3- ingredient pancakes.

Ingredients Required


4- Eggs



  1. Mash banana and pour eggs and beat it, get it in good consistency for easy fall on the pan.
  2. Grease a pan with either oil or butter, whatever you like, and pour the batter in a circle or oval shape.
  3. It would be prepared in just 2-min.
  4. Once the pancake is ready; you can add blueberry, vanilla extract or cinnamon to it for the topping and making it delicious.

homemade pancake recipe

French Toast

    Now that egg is considered to be vegetarian by many, it has become easy for those who have been avoiding it till date and enjoy the easy and simple food you can make from the egg.

    Ingredients Required

    1 egg

    2 slice bread

    2 tablespoon milk


    Black pepper, Cinnamon (optional)



    1. Combine egg, milk, salt and pepper/cinnamon in a bowl and beat it well.
    2. Dip bread in the batter (you can cut the bread as per your required shape)
    3. Grease a pan with butter 
    4. Put batter-soaked bread in the pan and cook it from each side for 1.5 minutes each
    5. You can add whatever toppings you like

    homemade French toast recipe

    Watermelon-Oatmeal Smoothie

    To help you fight the summer heatstroke and keep your body cold and chilled, you can either eat watermelon directly or make a smoothie of it.

    Ingredients Required




    Frozen Strawberry (Optional)


    1. Put everything in the blender.
    2. Blend it until smooth and it's ready.

    homemade watermelon smoothie recipe

    Enjoy all these simple and easy food recipes while working from home.

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