How To Keep Cool At Night During Sleep

Wondering how you can keep cool at night without any sweat and toss and turn? We have a quick 6-point guide for you.

Summer is here and you might have started feeling tired too early. You might even be feeling exhausted during the second half of the day. This is usually because either the heat during summers or the warm winds outside is killing all your energy. So, when you come back to bed after a long tiring day; your body expects to sleep cool and fresh.

But when you invest in a low-quality mattress and avoid simple summer hacks, your body gets heated up and you don’t find the right comfort at night. However, keeping yourself cool all night is not a big deal. Before you find ways to keep your night cool and cosy, it is important to find out the reason as to why your body gets heated up or why you sweat at night. Night sweat and body heat can be due to varied reasons like respiratory issues, side-effects of certain medication, sleeping on a cheap mattress, and many more.

Here we have a list of simple and easy steps that you can take to avoid sweaty summer nights and tiring days.

1. Focus On Your Clothes

Wearing the right clothes at night is crucial to regulate your body and sleep temperature. Cotton, linen or simple soft and light weight clothes are known to be best for summers. They can easily absorb moisture and eliminate overheating of the body. Try to keep it as light and less as possible. Moreover, keep your head and feet free which means don’t wear a scarf or socks as they warm up the blood thus disturbing your sleep.

2. Track Your Night Meals

It is advisable irrespective of the outside temperature or the season to fill in yourself the best during lunch. Have a full meal with all your favourite junk and have a small portion during dinner.

Go for salad or curd or a food item which is low on carbs, fats and is less spicy. These make way for energy in your body while spicy food make your sweat. Take a low-carb healthy diet and try to eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed to avoid feeling over filled.

3. Sleep On A Cooling Mattress


Summer Mattress


Sleeping on a cool mattress regulates sound and undisturbed sleep. Cheap quality mattress makes you sweat at night as it absorbs a lot of moisture. There is no space to allow air to circulate which causes such issues. With a Usha Shriram Mattress, you won’t find such problems. The foam and spring structure are built so as to maintain automatic temperature regulation with its advanced 3D cell-structure. This in turn keeps the mattress cool all night.

Cool Gel memory Foam Mattress has an advanced evaporating cooling system which does not absorb heat and moisture and you sleep cooler. Additionally, it gives the right alignment to your spine. So, you are free to sleep in your desired posture without any worries of sweat and body pain. Let your body get the comfort and support that is required for 8-hours of sleep.

 4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink more and more water throughout the day. Don’t just drink simple water but you may add infusers like cucumber, lemon, mint inside your bottle and freeze it to refill it every time you feel thirsty. Water rich food acts as a cooler for summers and helps you to stay refreshed and active whole day and night.

5. Take a Bath Before Bed

You can try warm (lukewarm) or a normal water bath just before bed. Once you come out of the shower, your body will cool down and you can beat the heat. Moreover, a warm water bath helps you to fall asleep quickly without any toss & turn all night.

6. Have Proper Ventilation In The Room


Room ventilation


If you use an AC at night, you need to close the room so that the room achieves a good sleep temperature. For those who don’t prefer an AC, have proper air ventilation in the room so that the air circulates and keeps the sleep environment fresh and cool.

To add up to these tips, try sleeping on the lowest floor possible of your home (If, you have an option). This is because the topmost floor will always be the warmest compared to the ground floor room.

Beat the warm air this summer and sleep cosy in your cool and comfortable room.

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