How to Pick a Mattress and Sleep Better on Your Honeymoon

Sharing your bed with your partner is not easy especially when both you have a different sleep preference. It is literally brainstorming to decide the bed type and the mattress for it before your wedding because sleep is one thing that clearly nobody can compromise on. While one of you like a firm mattress, the other one wants a slightly soft base to sleep on.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Perfect Couple Mattress

If your wedding is near and you and your partner are looking for the perfect sleep mattress for your honeymoon night, that here we are to guide you in picking the best option. Consider the following factors and you will be good to go:

1. Automatic Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulated mattress

Chemical infused mattress or one that is made from synthetic material keeps the mattress hot causing sweat and uneasiness during night and you just find the perfect spot to cuddle and sleep.

Cool-gel Memory foam mattress will help you both to sleep cooler than traditional mattresses and it has an advanced evaporative cooling system to keep the heat and moisture out. The advanced 3D cell structure of allows the movement of air and keeps the mattress cool making it the best choice in couple mattress.

2. A Mattress that can Support weight of Two

Best mattress for body weight support

Remember that this time it would be two of your who would be sleeping and based on your body weights choose the mattress firmness and look for those that would not loose its shape once your rest on it.

Usha Magnum Opus 5.0 mattress is a 7-layer mattress is made from an energetic pocket spring that gives perfect support to body and manages almost all weight types. It offers weight independence facility, i.e., there won’t be any sagging of the foam even when the two of you will put your complete weight.

3. Motion Isolation:

Wedding mattress in India

Now people have a habit of sleeping alone and then all off a sudden you have to sleep together. In this case, even a slight movement of the other person disturbs you. Look for zero-partner disturbance or motion isolation couple mattress where you side of the mattress won’t bounce when your partner moves out of the bed or toss and turn at night.

Some people have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom or drink water, this causes disturbance to the other person as the foam bounces or shifts. Look for mattress that cause zero to no disturbance and you two may adjust peacefully on your new place and space.

4. Supports the body

Best Mattress in India

Honeymoon night means a lot of cuddling and snugging with your partner and you may hurt your self if you will choose and sagging and sinking mattress. Choose a mattress that supports all sleep postures and gives support to your body from all sides.

While you may be a side-sleeper, your partner sleeps on his stomach then what option your have? Usha Shriram mattress offers best couple mattress that are designed in accordance with your body for perfect support and to provide the best night’s sleep. The mattress layers will hold to your body shape and at the same time it will bounce back to give you continues support night after night. Sleep maker bonnell Spring mattress is of one such kind that has a superior comfort of HR Foam and prevents you two from rolling on the corner due to the sagging of mattress.

Customize Your Honeymoon Mattress

Best Hotel Mattress in India

Mattress comes it different shape and sizes depending upon your need and comfort. Decide amongst your self as to what you two would prefer:

  • A small queen size mattress: if you like cuddling and can sleep close to each other throughout the night
  • King-size mattress: There are people who after a certain period of time, need space on bed or they like to sleep in their own space.

Usha Shriram mattress offers an option to get your honeymoon mattress customized according your bed time and sleep preference. Not just the shape but also the size you are looking for, firmness of the mattress can be easily set as per your need and both of you can enjoy your first night on the best couple mattress. Talk to our sleep experts and build the best mattress.

Usha Shriram Mattress sleep experts:

Blessings Coir Mattress-Perfect Mattress for Couples

Blessing coir mattress is one of the best couple mattresses and makes a perfect mattress for a honeymoon. This coir mattress is a dream bed for all couples having dual features of both soft and firm sides making it easy for the newly-wed couples to choose their comfortable and convenient spot of the bed and with a favourite comfort level

Best wedding Mattress in India

Its motion isolation feature makes sure that you have zero-partner disturbance and you sleep undisturbed throughout the night and can cuddle and sleep without disturbing the other person whenever you want. Moreover, its premium knitted fabric coupled with plush foam gives a premium sleep experience added with bouncy feel giving extra sleep comfort compared to normal regular mattress

You can reverse the mattress as it has dual comfort features with plush and firm sides so that you may change the side as per need of the day. To add on to its comfort, usha couple mattress has a self-ventilating features which means that its does not retain moisture and gets over heated. On the contrary, it allows movement of air within the mattress keeping it cold and comfort all-day-long and you would wake up rejuvenated and fresh.

Trust us, your sleep bed has a major role to play in keeping you happy and active for the day. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress makes it lazy and restless and your new home would not really look new if you did not have a good sleep after that hectic wedding events.

Look for perfect couple mattress and get it customized as per your required shape and size:

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