Myths about Mattress Online Shopping

Mattress shopping can be a nightmare for some. So here we have busted some famous myths about mattress shopping. Make sure you read these before buying your mattress online.

For those who have bought a mattress or are going to buy one, must have known that it is a not easy task. It is due to the myth that runs around in mattress online shopping. For those who get trapped in the fake news associated with a mattress, they end up buying a low-quality expensive mattress. It results in different body and health issues. It is important that you also know the warranty period of your mattress.

You are not to be blamed for this alone. There are different articles online and brand executives who make it confusing and difficult for those doing mattress online shopping.

Myths Associated with Mattress Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Before you purchase your next mattress online, avoid myths, and consider these factors. It will eliminate any chance of getting fooled by the mattress store or from information available on unauthentic websites.

Myth 1: The mattress will lose its shape after 4-5 years.

This is probably because you have been buying a low-quality mattress from the unrecognized brand. If you are thinking that going for a cheap mattress would save your money, then you are wrong. Chemically infused mattresses might make you allergic. They also lose their shape (sag) after a few months. In this case, you might end up tossing and turning your mattress all night.

Usha Mattress is an offline and online mattress store. It offers mattresses that are long-lasting and durable and they won’t sag for years. The quality of the foam used by the team makes the mattress maintain it's the original shape for years. It thereby eliminates any scope of sagging and sinking of the mattress.

Myth 2: Buying a Mattress needs physical verification and hence you cannot buy it Online.

Many retailers say that they would give you 20 to 30 minutes' time to sleep/lay on the mattress to check the quality and know the comfort. But the fact is, you cannot know the actual comfort of a mattress in a mere 20 minutes.

There are many online mattress brands that help you to identify which mattress comfort will be suitable for you. Usha’s sleep experts make me understand about your sleep issues, body weight, age, and other parameters to suggest the best mattress suitable for you.

Myth 3: Types of foam used in the mattress are the same.

Mattress Foams

This is the biggest mistake that people make when they think that all foam are the same. Each foam is made of different properties and material and all have different purposes.

Memory foam gives support to your body from all sides and adjusts as per the body curve. An Orthopaedic mattress (Rebonded Foam/Coir) gives you relief from all types of back and shoulder pain. The Aloe vera (High PE Pocket Springs and Dynamic HR Foam) infused mattress keeps your sleep environment healthy and there are many more.

Myth 4: The Sale person help you to understand the different mattress types

No, they don’t. There are middlemen who work to earn profit and grow their business. Buying it from a salesman includes middlemen cost which increases the price of the mattress. Purchasing a mattress online means you are getting it directly from the manufacturer and pay the minimal amount.

The team at Usha Mattress is available 24*7. Their sleep experts help you to choose the correct mattress as per your body type.

Myth 5: Memory foam is hot and hard, which makes it not worth buying.

In reality, memory foam contours to your body and takes the shape of your body. It gives support from all the edges. Its bouncy texture helps it to get back to its original shape once the pressure is released from the foam.

Additionally, there are mattresses that have temperature regulation which keeps the memory foam cool all night.

Myth 6: Latex Foam mattress is not for those who are allergic.

Latex foam mattress

This is not possible because you won’t come in contact with latex as there are different layers between you and latex; mattress cover, protector, bedsheet. Also, if you opt for a natural latex mattress, such myths are bogus. A natural mattress layer like latex, coir can never lead to allergies.

Secondly, with the advancement in technology, there are many online mattress brands that make an anti-allergic and anti-bacteria mattresses which makes it safe and secure. Each Usha mattress is treated with Zero Microbe Technology to eliminate the growth of bacteria for the whole mattress life span.

Before you rely on any fact, it is important to do good research. Look for mattress brands that offer good customer support. Buying a mattress has now become easy with online mattress brands that provide an option to talk to their sleep experts. Before you, choose one for yourself, ask the Usha sleep experts and make your mattress online shopping easy and convenient.

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