Preparing For Visitors This Festive Season

Festive season is just around the corner. You must have already started looking for different ideas and ways to make it a special one. Last year, things were not the same due to the pandemic and many of us could not celebrate Durga puja, Dussehra, Diwali or any other festival due to it.

But this festive season as things are getting back to normal, many of your relatives and friends would come to visit you. You might throw a get-together at your place to revisit the old memories and fight the pandemic blues. As guests and relatives come, you need to prepare yourself with a sufficient seating space which is spacious, hygienic and comfortable.

Having a good guest room mattress gives your guests a good vibe and keeps them happy. You can even change the furniture setting to make your guest room look spacious. Follow these ideas that we have put together for you and make your sitting and sleeping arrangement easy.

Essential Guest Room Guide for your Festive Visitors

Before going for furniture, mattress or sofa shopping, first you need to figure out the number of guests you are expecting. This way, you can plan accordingly as to what option to go for which is both comfort and budget friendly.

1. Dual-Comfort Floor Bed Arrangement

Set up a side bed in your bedroom or living room. Make the perfect guest bed where your guests can both chill and sleep without any issue. Opting for a Dual comfort mattress will offer comfort to your guests at all times. Whether they want to sit, chill or sleep after a long fun day, it can be made possible with a comfortable mattress.

A good-comfortable mattress is not just the perfect guest bed requirement. It can also be suitable for you when you face back or body pain. Sleeping on a balanced mattress gives you support and relieves pressure points. Thus, making your day active and rejuvenated. And with happy mornings and good sleep, you won’t even be troubled by festive hangover.

Room Decor

2. Match the Wall Colour with the Décor

Try small things which may change the look of your guest room and your guests find it attractive. Try matching the wall colour with your décor or with the bedsheet/sofa cover so that nothing looks out of place.

Decor the room

 3. Get a Mattress Protector

Getting a Mattress protector will keep you stress free all day while you are celebrating. While many people do not mind spills on their mattress, others might freak out when their bedding or furniture gets dirty after the party and the mark remains forever.

With mattress protector, you can just forget about the spill and leakage. Once the party is over, you can simply remove the mattress protector from your bed and wash it. Changing a mattress every year costs a lot more than investing in a mattress protector. A Usha Mattress protector will fit in your budget and will also make you worry-free.

Mattress Protector

4. Twinz Sofa Cum Bed

A smart move that would suit your pocket and festive looks. Go for smart shopping with Usha Mattress, Sofa-cum-bed and forget who will sleep where. Make it a sofa during snack time and turn it into a mattress during night.

What is important in all these is to still take  COVID precautions and look for furniture that are safe, i.e., dust and microbe free. Usha sofa bed comes with the following COVID and health related benefits:

  • Made from Zero-microbe technology which keeps it microbe free and eliminates any type of respiratory issues.
  • Ergonomically designed to take care of your back while sleeping and sitting
  • Comes with zip so that you can easily get it washed after your festive mode.

foldable mattress

 Your guests are coming to your place to have a festive getaway from their stressful work and post-pandemic life. The only thing that is interrupting this happy idea is long-hours of undisturbed sleep. So, prepare the perfect guest bed and let them be free from all their family and life worries while they stay at your place.

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