Say Bye To Winter Tiredness

Winters and Tiredness are synonyms to each other and most of us can relate to it. Sleeping in Afternoon naps in winters means sleeping for a good 2-3 hours without any stress about the surroundings. Chilling temperature and dim light outside makes it lazy for us to work. In such a scenario, you just want to jump on your bed and cuddle in your fluffy comforter.

But have you ever thought about why you feel sleepy in the winter? It is because of the lack of sunlight which causes the brain to produce more melatonin. A lot of sleep means tiredness and laziness which you can surely not afford during your work hours. Try these simple and easy tips and say goodbye to winter tiredness-

1. Kick Start Your Day with a Morning Walk or Yoga

Snooze your alarm twice but not more than that. Make sure before your alarm rings for the third time, you jump out of bed. Go for a small walk around the house or nearby park and feel fresh & active. While walking may wake you up, some might still feel sleepy. Yoga has always been the best option to avoid tiredness and feel active all day.

Give 15 minutes every morning to simple exercise or Yoga that will boost your stamina and you will remain awake for the work hours. Some easy yoga poses to boost up your productivity further are- child pose, back bend, forward fold, lizard stretch and many more.


Winter Tiredness


2. Take a Sunbath

In winters, you don’t get much sunlight and your brain mostly feels that it is time to sleep. Even if you stay around the room light, natural light has its own feel and effect on the body. Sunlight will help your brain to process less of the sleep hormone and keeps you a little more active.

Take a short break at work or at home and go for a walk or sun bath and enjoy the warm rays in winters.


winter tiredness


3. Sleep On A Comfortable Mattress

Sleeping in winters does not mostly mean tiredness. You can still be active if you manage the related activities. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is one of the major reasons as to why we feel tired all day. Change that uneven mattress today and enjoy your sleep hours and feel rejuvenated once you wake up.

Usha Sriram Activelife Mattress makes you sleep restful and deep and you can wake up without any pain and discomfort in your body. A cold mattress leaves you lazy. So, go for a temperature regulated mattress that will neutralize the temperature and you will quickly fall asleep. Additionally, the orthopaedic comfort of the rebonded foam mattress will contour to your body and your spine would get the perfect sleep alignment keeping your active all day without any laziness and lethargic body.


Rebonded foam mattress


4. Have a Proper Healthy Meal

Usually, in winters we feel hungry often and munch on a lot of oily and warm food. Having pakora or Maggie every third day may make you feel good but not healthy. Add in more proteins and vitamins in your meal during winters. Try to eat fruits or nuts when you feel hungry so that you feel energetic and not foods that make you feel sleepy.

Green Tea is one of the best options to have whenever you are hungry as it also helps to feel fresh and full for a while.


Healthy Meal


5. Just Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Do only as much as needed and don’t overburden yourself. This advice is not just for winters but works throughout the year. Sit back and relax at regular intervals during work. Overburdening yourself with work means your brain and body is tired and is wants to just lie down and take a small nap.


take deep breath and relax


Sleeping in winter should be stress free and relaxing and not a tension for the day. Take a proper nap and do a little bit of exercise and there won’t be any tiredness. All you have to do is manage your daily routine with a time-table for the day and the rest would be sorted.

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