Which Mattress is Best- Spring, Memory Foam, or Latex Mattress?

There are many types of mattresses-spring, coir, memory foam, latex mattress etc. Confused which one to buy? Here’s a quick mattress buying guide.

With the advancement in technology, the research and development team at the mattress companies are bringing forward different types of mattresses for different purpose and use. It has now become difficult to just go and buy the mattress and assume that all are somewhat same or that almost all mattresses have same impact on your body.

Buying a mattress is an investment and hence it is important that you understand the different types of mattresses available and its intended benefit. Some common misconceptions that you face while buying a mattress is that the quality of mattress depends solely upon its material or that one type of mattress is better than another because there is no such thing like the best mattress. Understand the making of the different types of mattresses and the science behind it before you buy one for yourself.

  1. Foam Mattress: Know for being versatile, depending on the density it is available in different variety and range. It is suitable for all body types and takes back its natural shape once pressure is released. Foam is firm enough to give the right support to your neck, back and body and you are free to sleep in any posture.
memory foam mattress
  • Memory foam regulates the temperature and keep your body cool all night. If you are looking for a mattress that releases stress and helps you to go in deep sleep then, memory foam is for you.
  • Rebonded foam has a high-density active bond material for right back support and alignment. It limits the overheating and is durable even after ages.
  • Hr Foam gives a cushion comfort, has a bouncy texture and absorbs moisture thereby minimising odor-causing agents.
  1. Spring Mattress: Are you facing sleep issues because of your partner? Then, a spring mattress is made for you. Spring used in an Usha mattress gives optimal support from all side so you sleep undisturbed.

spring mattress

  • Inner spring used makes it a motion isolation mattress and you are not disturbed by the toss and turn of your partner. Opus Mangum 5.0 used by the Usha Mattress in spring mattress gives a luxurious support and comfort of medicated foam.
  • Regulated heat and moisture and give full relaxation to the body and the nervous system. Additionally, there is air regulation and no heating in the mattress.
  • Straightens you posture and makes your sleep environment healthy and hygiene.


  1. Latex Mattress: 100% natural and is environment friendly. It is good for infants, old people and pregnant woman (good for all) and there is no use of chemicals. Made from rubber sap, it makes your sleep cosy and healthy.

Latex mattress

  • Gives purest sleep to the sleeper’s body with natural bounce.
  • An important fabric layer that ensures maximum hygiene of the materials inside and gives a luxurious look to the mattress.
  • The mattress is naturally temperature regulating and allows air circulation. The mattress is hypoallergenic and keeps your away from dust mite.
  • Latex makes the mattress neither too firm nor too plush and increases the sleep efficiency.

Besides the mattress material, mattress manufacturing also gives a different type of comfort and pressure to the body. The R&D team at Usha Mattress builds different types of mattresses by combining different materials and offers comfort to the back.

So, before you buy a mattress online look for the its firmness, temperature regulation feature, how the mattress will provide motion isolation and support.

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