The Perfect Wedding Mattress is Here. This is The Ideal Mattress For Cuddle Lovers.

The wedding season is going on and so is the on-going charade of giving and receiving gifts. It's time to get over the mundane concept of gifting pressure cooker to every newly-wed couple and go something more personalised. Something that will always remind the newlyweds about how much you care for them.

It can be quite a challenge to buy a mattress as a couple. Different individuals have different sleeping needs. So how will they find a mattress that will adjust to the different firmness levels preferred by you and your partner? How do you know which colour is suitable for a happy beginning? What about the change of movement, materials, budget, and other factors? These are just some of the things a couple needs to ponder upon while buying a mattress themselves.

Today, couples have a wide range of mattresses to choose from which includes models of different composition, thickness, and durability. For many, testing the mattress before committing to one model is an important step. That's why sleep tests can be beneficial. Many types of mattresses provide sleep trials that last at least 90 nights or longer, and many offer full refunds to those who return their mattress during the study.

But buying a mattress and then returning it, if it doesn't suit you is a bit of hassle right? We decided to simplify this hectic process and offer you 1 mattress that the sure-shot solution to happy dreams and of course, happy marriage. Our revolutionary wedding mattress is based on experiences with verified customers and owners, as well as intensive product research and analysis done by our Research and Development team.

Presenting India's Favourite Wedding Mattress- Blessings.

A blessing for the newlywed, this mattress is a dream bed for all couples. With soft and firm sides and advanced configuration, Blessings by Usha Shriram is a step towards comforting love.

The mattress relentlessly supports your legs, shoulders, feet, and other areas of your body while you hug your better half.

The mattress is produced with a unique combination of layers that provide a rich sleep experience. The comfort and support balance of the mattress will allow each partner to sleep in any position. So whether you try Shingles or sleep loosely tethered, your body will not ache in the morning.

The hybrid model provides solid edge support. You should feel safe, sitting or lying near the edge. This means you can use the whole bed all the way to the edge, a must for all the males who get less space to spread around unlike their bachelor life.

What Makes Blessings Stand Out as the Perfect Wedding Mattress?

  • Blessings offer a good balance between comfort and support. For any sleeping position, it should be a great match.
  • The mattress reduces motion transfer to keep you from having your partner moving around on your bedside.
  • The mattress makes a good amount of airflow possible. It is a combination for hot sleepers.
  • Nevertheless, when sharing the same bed, a new mattress may help with other common issues that couples face.
  • Most mattresses have an average weight limit of 100 kgs for one sleeper, and for 2 sleepers there is a weight limit of 200 kgs. Usha Blessings Wedding Mattress can easily handle weight upto 250 kgs.

Wedding Mattress India

Motion Transfer

If your partner just wakes you up from the bed late in the night to get a glass of water or turns over to find a more comfy position, you will experience movement transfers. This is a major problem with bouncy or conventional innerspring coil mattress.

Foam Mattresses are one of the best mattress styles to consider if movement transfer is a concern. Such types of beds capture the movement and limit it to one location. It ensures that your companion will be able to move freely, and you are likely to remain asleep.


Buying a new mattress as a couple is the most challenging part of your new romantic venture. Blessings is designed to make you feel soft when you lie down on it but underneath it provides solid support. With Plush Foam, Power Rebond Foam and Rubberised Coir configuration, it acts as the perfect anatomical mattress for your relationship.

Finding a pair of the mattress as a new couple shouldn't be such a hassle. Right from price to the product features, the mattress should be a sleep haven for both of you. Sleeping at night in a happy mood and waking up all cuddled up is what we aim for with our Wedding Mattress. 

Let's lay a happy foundation of love, romance and marital bliss with Usha Shriram Blessings Mattress.

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