This Valentines Day, Gift The Newly Weds This Wedding Mattress!

Going to meet your newlywed friends? Gift them a comfortable cosy mattress to let them stay back on the bed for long and enjoy the moment. It is important to have an undisturbed sleep; else the partners get cranky when they leave the bed and are unable to enjoy the day.

Classy and Comfortable mattress gives the couple sound and happy sleep. Gift them a mattress with motion isolation feature and let them say goodbye to all the disturbance of tossing and turning while on the bed with their partner. A queen size mattress, with long-lasting comfort and the perfect support, is all that is required for the happy union of the newlywed couple.

Now the important question here is, What is so amazing about Blessings Foam Mattress?

A blessing for the newlywed, this mattress is a dream bed for all couples. With soft and firm sides, the newlyweds can select their favourite comfort level and simply sleep on it without worrying about disturbing their partner’s comfort needs. With advanced configuration, Blessings by Usha is a step towards comforting love.

With rich foam and quilt, it provides luxurious and pain-free comfort to the body while sleeping. Organic and chemical-free, it gives an undisturbed sleep and regulates according to the outside temperature which pushes you back on the bed.

After a hectic wedding ceremony, all they want is to get over the fatigue and go for deep sleep. Blessings Foam Mattress is an infusion of Power Rebond layer with Rubberised Coir, which gives a right back support.

With no back pain or sag issue, the mattress is designed to support the body of the sleeper in the best possible way. The advanced pressure and foam give a natural pain-relieving comfort and keeps you free from spinal and back problems.

Also, what is a good night's sleep without a soft and snuggly fibre pillow? While choosing the best from the list of option of various mattresses, make sure to carry a soft pillow to make them rest comfortably. Before you buy a fluffy pillow, explore from the available options and pick the right one which matches with the mattress.

The key to a healthy relationship is discussion and talking after a long hectic day on your comfortable and cosy bed. So why to go for a synthetic mattress on which you will not feel comfortable? Choose from the best available options and let the newlywed enjoy their honeymoon period.

Order today and get it within 7 to 10 working days without any delivery fee. Let's lay a happy foundation of love, romance and marital bliss with Usha Shriram Mattress.

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