Vastu Shastra For Better Sleep

Vastu Shastra is considered as one of the ancient principles for living harmoniously and enjoying comfort and peace. It is believed that the direction in which you sleep plays an important factor in the quality and comfort of sleep. Sun, wind and other elements play an active role in Vastu Shastra and hence the scientific principle plays a vital role in object placement at home.

In this fast pace economy, we are facing a lot of mental and physical stress and all that we wait for is a sound a comfortable sleep. Sleeping in the right direction reduces stress, improves our sleep quality, regulates blood pressure, keeps the sleep environment calm, peaceful and maintains our overall health. 

Every direction has its own impact on our sleep and each gives a different response. Here are the various impacts of different sleep directions.

Sleeping With Your Head Towards South

This is considered as the best sleeping position and gives you 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. It will reduce the cardiovascular disease, gives quality sleep, releases stress from mind and improves your decision-making ability and efficiency if practised regularly.

Additionally, it is believed to give a positive result in your wealth and prosperity as well.

Sleeping Towards North

It is considered to give you disturbed sleep and may cause illness. North is believed to attract negative energy that affects your sleeping environment. Same is true for the sleeping with your head towards West.

Vastu Shastra For better sleep

Tips for a Sound Sleep

  • Avoid sleeping at the corner, try to have space on both sides of the bed
  • Minimum electronics in the room
  • Door and Windows should be closed
  • Avoid extra clutter around your sleeping space, including books and toiletries

Having clutter near you while sleeping gives you a disturbed sleep as it reminds you of the unfinished work. Further-

  • Try not to place the mirror in front of the bed
  • Keep the colour of the room light such as pastel colours green, white or blue
  • Try to avoid a metal bed

Not only are we required to follow Vastu Shastra For Better Sleep but also investing in a comfortable and environment-friendly mattress, pillow and mattress protector leads to sound and undisturbed sleep. Buying a good mattress is a pre-requisite of good sleep as you may sleep in the right position but will get up with back pain and shoulder issue because of the low-quality mattress that you bought to save money.

Buy a Cool Get Memory Foam Mattress or a Latex or any other mattress that suits your body requirement and enjoy an undisturbed, healthy sleep environment all night long.

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