What Makes Usha One of The Best Mattress Brand?

From a lifestyle brand to a mattress brand, Usha is a name you can rely on. Read more to know why Usha Shriram is the best mattress brand in India.

One-third of our life goes in sleeping. Even if that is not comfortable and healthy, then I am sure you must be having a tough life. A long day awaits you after a disturbed and tiring sleep and you remain lethargic and irritated during work hours. You may not notice, but good sleep is what keeps the body recharged and you stay active and rejuvenated.

For good sleep, 2 things are must: A good bed and a healthy sleep environment. We compromise by buying a traditional mattress that sags when you lay on it. Our body does not get the right alignment and hence it is advisable to invest in the best mattress brand. While you may be confused between the brands, Usha Mattress is one of the best mattress brand both online and in-store.

Usha Mattress offers a wide range of comfortable mattresses that are designed according to different body types and structures. The mattresses can be manufactured in customized sizes as per customer demand. They are made for the best quality materials for all-night support. With Usha, you get more than 50% savings on every mattress and sleep accessories. Each Usha Mattress is a high-quality affordable mattress that adjusts as per the body contour and you sleep peacefully. Here are a few of the factors, that makes Usha Mattress one of the best mattress brand in India:

1. 3D Air Circulation

    Sleeping on a traditional mattress makes you sweat during the night and you have to toss and turn the mattress to get a comfortable sleep. Usha Mattress allows air ventilation and circulation which keeps the mattress cold and fresh. Bigger cells in the foam allow air to pass. The automatic temperature regulation keeps the mattress cold in summers and neutral in winters.

    2. Affordable Mattress price


      affordable mattress

      With Usha Mattress, customers get 50% better saving options when compared to other brands. Buying a mattress from a store includes many other unnecessary costs which increase the price of the mattress. At Usha, a wide range of mattresses are available at affordable prices and high-quality foam at standard size.

      3. Easy Mattress Selection Process.

      Good night sleep is essential for good health and active working hours. Buying a mattress online may appear risky to some. But it is a myth that before buying a mattress, physical verification is required to avoid any future comfort issues. Usha mattress uses innovative technology and natural products during the making of the mattress making it one of the Best Mattress Brands in India. Still, to help the customers who are confused or may face issues after buying, we offer free recommendation sessions with our sleep experts. They will help you to select a mattress as per your body type and comfort need.

      4. Durable and Elastic

        Latex Mattress

        With more than 11 years of warranty and easy Return and Exchange Policy, Usha mattresses are made using high-density foam and top-quality of spring. Unlike traditional mattresses, Usha foam mattresses do not sag once the pressure is put on it. It takes back its original shape after giving a good night's sleep. The advanced foam gives support from all edges and has a bouncy feature.

        5. Good-Bye to Body Pain

          With Usha, you can enjoy Zero Motion transfer and no worries of toss and turn on the mattress the whole night. The rebonded foam mattress is one of the best Orthopaedic mattresses which gives the correct alignment to the body and allows you to sleep in the desired posture without any disturbance.

          Your body gets support from all sides of the mattress keeping the sleep environment healthy and peaceful.

          6. No growth of Microbes

            zero microbe

            Each Usha Mattress is Anti-bacterial and restricts the growth of dust mite, microbes, fungus, etc. This makes the mattress breathable and keeps the sleep environment healthy. To keep the mattress sanitized and avoid respiratory issues during sleep, Usha mattress uses Zero Microbe Technology for manufacturing the mattress.

            Well, now that you know why Usha is the best mattress brand in India. What are you waiting for? Order your Usha mattress now. If you are still confused and not able to make a choice, visit our website and read more.

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