Which Is the Best Dual Comfort Mattress In India?

It is important that your sleep hours are healthy and fit, to get an active and refreshed morning and day life. Compromising sleep is surely not a good idea because it has a direct impact on the functioning and productivity of the individual which leads to poor result and unsatisfactory remark. Hence, it is important that you buy a suitable and comfortable mattress for yourself and is dependent on your choice of mattress.

People with medical conditions look for Orthopaedic mattress. However, they are still confused about whether to buy a soft mattress or a hard mattress. There may be cases where you look for a store offering customized mattress wherein you may let them know your requirement. Therefore, to avoid such confusion Usha Mattress offers Dual Comfort Mattress so that you can sleep comfortably and partners don’t have to sleep separately.

Dual Comfort Mattress

Features of a Dual Comfort Mattress

We know deciding what type of mattress to buy is a difficult task but what if you get a 2-in-1 mattress and your problems get solved? Dual comfort mattress is designed to allow variation and choice of sleep at different point of time:

  1. Offers flexibility as both sides of the mattress are for use. On one side there is medium hardness while on the other there is medium softness.
  2. Advanced temperature regulation makes it usable all year round as the temperature is fit for sleep in both summer and winter.
  3. The perfect balance of softness and hardness which makes it suitable for every individual.
  4. For those who toss and turn their mattress, a Dual comfort mattress is made for you.
  5. Durable and elastic as both the side of the mattress is used which avoids putting of excessive pressure from one side.
  6. Requires low maintenance and the issue of early sagging of mattress is far or more eliminated.

Best Dual Comfort Mattress in India

Best mattress in India

Dual comfort mattress is readily available in mattress stores as it has now become a popular choice. Usha Mattress makes its best dual comfort mattress available online to all its customers. Most of the Usha mattresses are built to be used from both sides giving the same level of comfort and support.

Be it Memolife Memory foam mattress or the Latex Mattress or the cool gel memory foam mattress at Usha store online, all come with Dual comfort feature at a reasonable price. It becomes difficult when your partner is comfortable sleeping on a hard mattress and you like a soft mattress, therefore Dual comfort mattress is designed just for you with:

  • Anti-fungal and Hypoallergenic feature
  • Temperature regulation as per the season
  • Perfect edge support from all side
  • You are free to sleep in your comfortable posture
  • No worry of mattress sagging
  • Healthy and comfortable sleep environment

Do not compromise your sleep because you don’t know which mattress is going to give you the desired comfort. Buy a Dual comfort mattress from Usha Mattress and get balanced support from all sides and perfect alignment for your back.

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