Why Do We Feel So Sleepy During Monsoon?

During the monsoon, we experience different temperature levels throughout the day. At times it is gloomy while during heavy rain and downpour it is breezy and chilling. However, at both times you feel sleepy and just want to lie down on your cosy comfortable mattress. This results in you believing it is a tiring and restless day at work. Monsoon sleep is what we all cherish about the rainy season. We wish to get a day off from school or work. We just want to sit on our balcony and enjoy the rain with masala chai and crispy pakoras.

But have you ever wondered why you feel so sleepy during the monsoon?

Here’s Why You Feel Lethargic & Lazy During Monsoon

1. Soothing music of the fall




That soft and rhythmic sound of raindrops makes you feel comfortable and soothes your mind and body. While the peaceful sound of raindrops makes you forget your tension for the time being, a thunderstorm can sometimes be disturbing.

Just like infants who doze off to sleep when their mother sings for them, the sound of raindrops and the breeze outside makes the surrounding calm and serene for a peaceful monsoon sleep.

2. Lack of Sunlight, Lowers Your Battery Backup


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Minimal sunlight is essential for your body to function normally and to keep you boosted throughout the day. You might not even be aware of it but it is the sun rays that are responsible for secreting melatonin, the sleep hormone. When you go out during the day or for a walk early in the morning, sunrays help to decrease the secretion of melatonin. Hence, you are forced to wake up for the day and be active at work.

So, now you know why older people are more active. They get up and walk/sit early in the morning under the sun to kick start their day.

3. Munching Your Favourite Fatty Food


Fatty Food


As soon as the monsoon begins, the first thing that clicks in our mind is hot and tasty samosa, pakora and Tea on your platter. All these monsoon food items are high Fat and Carbohydrates. This piles up to feeling lazy and sleepy all the time. Too much junk lowers your body energy which leaves you no option but to just doze off to sleep.

4. Hot and Humid Temperature


Hot & Humid Temperature


Humidity during monsoon will affect your peaceful sleep. If you have chosen the wrong mattress type, it will further affect your sleep pattern. This is somewhat the negative aspect of feeling sleepy during the monsoon.

During rains, insects and microbes grow rapidly and it disturbs your peaceful sleep. And if you have a chemical infused synthetic mattress then you would surely be having a tough time. With smelly foam and chances of serious respiratory issues, sleeping on such a mattress is definitely a big NO.

 With Usha Shriram Mattress, you can eliminate such trivial sleep issues. Such issues go away if you put some time in buying an all-season mattress.

Made from Zero-Microbe technology, there are no issues of bed bugs or any other insects to grow around your bed. Thus, your sleep environment is always fresh and healthy. With advanced cell-structure, the mattress is cold and comfortable even during hot and humid temperatures. Therefore, there are no issues during the sleep hours.

5. Minimal Physical Work




You can’t go out because it is raining heavily. You might have a habit of going for your routine walk or to buy daily essentials. But on a rainy day, you just want to lie down and enjoy the rain. Monsoon sleep is enjoyed by few while others start feeling a little tired when they have no work to do.

Feeling sleepy is not a problem if your sleep hours are comfortable and refreshing. Look out for mattresses that offer pressure point relief. This way your body gets the desired comfort it needs to avoid body pain and disturbed sleep hours. While changing a mattress is not easy for all, you can opt for a mattress protector that will wick away heat and moisture. So, you can just lie down on a cool mattress on a breezy rainy day.

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