Why Orthopaedic Mattress are suggested by Doctors?

You’ll be shocked to know, but yes, problem of back and spinal pain is at rise in both young and old crowd. One of the major reasons is your 9 to 5 desk job. However, women working at home or people doing physical work are more often facing severe back pain and struggle to sleep peacefully at night. 

To overcome this issue at an early age and avoid joint and back pain in old age, doctors are now suggesting all age groups to use an Orthopaedic Mattress.

Reason for Suggesting An Orthopaedic Mattress

The normal mattress does not offer the comfort your body needs. Due to this, you keep turning and adjusting to get the right support on your mattress. This results in dizziness and pain when you wake up in the morning and we run to doctors for medicines. Hence, doctors are now suggesting to invest in an Orthopaedic Mattress to enjoy 8 hours of sound and comfortable sleep. It results in the following benefits:

  1. Maintaining body posture: When you sleep on the right mattress, your body is in shape and in the right posture at night thereby eliminating back and spinal pain in the morning.
  1. Give Support to Your body: It distributes and neutralizes pressure points to provide comfort and reduces tossing and turning at night for deeper, more restful sleep.
  1. Good for Overall health: Orthopaedic mattress gives the correct alignment to your back. It maintains healthy blood circulation and your weight is evenly distributed. This results in a reduction in back, joint and neck pain.

Orthopaedic mattress

What is Inside the Usha Shriram Orthopaedic Mattress?

The team at Usha Shriram offers one of the best online Orthopaedic Mattress. It aims to give you a healthy and stress-free sleep environment and you wake up active and fresh without any back and neck pain. Its features includes:

  1. Premium Knitted Jacquard Fabric
  2. Soft PUF Quilt
  3. Plush Foam
  4. Highly Rebond foam

There specially crafted Orthopaedic Mattresses give extra durability and added comfort to the sleeper. The foam used in the mattress gives the correct alignment to your back and joint, and you enjoy a rich sleep.

Choose the right mattress for Yourself

Different body types require different types of firmness in the mattress. Hence you have to choose the correct Orthopaedic Mattress for yourself. 

Usha Shriram offers durable and long-lasting mattress with upto 11 years of warranty. Orthopaedic Mattress are not only for those suffering from back and neck pain but is for all. Why wait for the pain to start when you can easily buy a mattress online?

Call our sleep expert and get your mattress customized as per your body type. Say goodbye to your back and joint pain today with Usha Shriram mattress.

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