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Memolife Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory foam Mattress


Ideal Support for any position.


Enjoy the comfort of memory foam mattress with Dynamic HR Foam and Power Rebond layer. With a special orthopaedic memory foam design, the mattress complies with ergonomic principles to eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation and to sleep deeply. Memolife holds your body shape to gently align your shoulder with your spine and lower area. This helps in pushing away pressure points that cause you to toss and turn at night.


Happy Layers Inside This Memory Foam Mattress


Premium Knitted Jacquard Fabric

Scientifically developed to provide a plush and rich feel to the body while sleeping.


Aero Memory Quilt

Advanced quilted comfort for a spa sensation and full relaxation of the body & nervous system.


Aero Memory Foam

Crafted with a neuro-flexure feature to accept your body impressions quickly.


Dynamic HR Foam

Helps in maintaining the correct orthopaedic position of the vertebral column.


Power Rebond Foam

High-density active bond material for right back support and alignment.


Merino Side Fabric

An important fabric layer that ensures maximum hygiene of the materials inside an d gives a luxurious look to this memory foam mattress.


Air Ventilated Mesh Border

Limits overheating, balances temperature and works in any environment.


Memory Foam Mattress cross section

Special Features

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Reversible mattress with Firm & Plush Sides

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 Designed for Perfect sleep

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 Comfort of memory foam with orthopaedic support

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 Ache Free Sleep


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 Semi-open cell structure

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 Superior Comfort of Active HR

Comfort Level


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