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Sensyl 3.0 3-Zone Bio Foam Mattress

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Sensyl Bio Foam Mattress



Redefine comfort with Sensyl 3.0. The mattress provides softer ergonomic support along with responsive pressure relief. Pushing away from the disadvantages of conventional foam, the advanced Spiral Bio-Foam makes this mattress the new comfort spot in town. The 3-zone alignment repeats the anatomical contours of your spine, supports your lumbar area, and lessens the pressure on your back. With advanced comfort therapy and workings of a cosy memory foam layer, Sensyl 3.0 is designed to help your body feel like it's resting more naturally.

Happy Layers Inside

Premium Organic Cotton Yarn Knitted Jacquard Fabric

Ultra-soft fabric moderated to suit every individual's needs.

Aero Memory Quilt

Advanced quilted comfort for a spa sensation and full relaxation of the body & nervous system.

Astro Memory Foam

Compromises of Thermo sense material-powered by NASA technology that takes the shape of your body.

CoolMax HR Foam

High-density foam with excellent impact absorbing and temperature regulation qualities.

Spiral Bio Foam

Convoluted pores that adjust according to the non-uniform weight distribution of the human body and made from absolutely no chemicals, thus making it a plant-based natural foam.

3Z CoolPass Mesh

An advanced layer formation that performs reliably and encourages the body to renergise.

Virgin RB Foam

Reduces pressure points for desired comfort and acts as a support to the spine.

Egyptian Felt

This special layer permits consistent and healthy transpiration if the mattress.

Merino Side Fabric

An important fabric layer that ensures maximum hygiene of the materials inside an d gives a luxurious look to the mattress.

Non-Skid Bottom Fabric

No more worries about your mattress sliding from the bed.

Astro Memory Foam Mattress
Special Features
 3 Zone Sleep System
 Streamlined breathability
    Provides crucial mattress rebound and bounce.
Spiral Bio Foam  Plant-based Spiral Bio Foam
 Blends support and softness
    Extra Responsive Layers
Comfort Level





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