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Talalay 5.0 5-Zone Pincore Latex Mattress

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Talalay Latex Mattress

A perfect balance of softness and support, Talalay 5.0 is designed to help you sleep better. The mattress offers personalized comfort zones to suit your body needs on a periodic basis. Talalay 5.0 selectively displaced pressure along the length of a person’s body thereby relieving pain, body ache and soreness. The mattress is engineered to give you a perfect combination of support and comfort: neither too firm, nor too plush. Conforming and customized support helps to improve sleep efficiency and alleviate aches and pains. It’s like resting in a pool and on a cotton ball all at once.

Happy Layers Inside

Premium 2-Tone Knitted Jacquard Fabric

Scientifically developed to provide a plush and rich feel to the body while sleeping.

Aero Memory Quilt

Advanced quilted comfort for a spa sensation and full relaxation of the body & nervous system.

Pincore Talalay Latex

Derived from organic rubber plantations in Indonesia for a natural bounce. The purest sleep surface for a sensitive body.

5-Z CNC Medicated HR Foam

Engineered from heavier, more robust foam to be highly durable and resilient. Further combined with the Penta core formulation.

Merino Side Fabric

An important fabric layer that ensures maximum hygiene of the materials inside an d gives a luxurious look to the mattress.

Special Features
Sleep System 5 Zone Sleep System

 Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India Open-cell natural foam for temp. sensitive sleepers

 Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India Signature Support
Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India Designed to be versatile
 Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India Delicate construction for great sleep
Luxurious Comfort Mattress Luxurious Comfort

Comfort Level
Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India
Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India
Best Rebonded Foam Mattress in India
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