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Graphite 3.0 3-Zone Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress

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charcoal memory Foam Mattress

The charcoal memory foam mattress is firm enough to support your neck, back and body, while still offering plenty of cushioning comfort. Besides ensuring restful comfort, the mattress helps in maintaining the perfect temperature for a nice sleep experience. 

Happy Layers Inside This Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress


Premium SilverX Yarn

It allows correct interchange of electrical energy between the body and the surrounding environment.


Charcoal Memory Quilt

Experience the comfort of conventional quilting with added advantages of a charcoal-infused layer.


Carbon Graphite Memory

Bid adieu to impurities and allergies with nature's purest element, Charcoal, now imbibed in NASA-Approved memory foam layer.


Cool Max HR Foam

High-density foam with excellent impact absorbing and temperature regulation qualities.


Spiral Bio Foam

Convoluted pores that adjust according to the non-uniform weight distribution of the human body and made from absolutely no chemicals, thus making it a plant-based natural foam.


3Z Cool Pass Mesh

An advanced layer formation that performs reliably and encourages the body to renergise.


Virgin RB Foam

Reduces pressure points for desired comfort and acts as a support to the spine.


Egyptian Felt

This special layer permits consistent and healthy transpiration of the mattress.


Dynamic Dura Dense Fabric

For dynamic temperature buffering all day and all night long. 


Linen Side Fabric

For correct temperature regulation even in hot Indian climate.


Non-Skid Bottom Fabric

No more worries about your mattress sliding from the bed.


Special Features

charcoal memory foam benefits 3 Zone Sleep System
Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress  Purified Visco Charcoal Layer
charcoal memory foam mattress india Improves Sleep Efficiency
charcoal memory foam mattress online Releases muscular tension
charcoal memory foam mattress price Thermo Regulation

         charcoal memory foam mattress price Body Contour Adaptive Comfort

Comfort Level


charcoal memory foam comfort


charcoal memory foam technology
charcoal memory foam technology


charcoal memory foam mattress warranty


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