4 Ways to Reduce Back & Joint Pain During Winters

Joint pain is a real troublemaker during winters. We have jotted down some points that will help you to know about the causes, solutions and what food to eat to avoid Joint and back Pain.

Winter 2021 is getting colder every day, while afternoons are still warmer; morning and night are freezing. This frigid temperature causes running nose, cough and cold. People with joint pain or back issues have to undergo serious health issues in this chilling temperature.

Most of this joint pain is triggered after sleep, especially for those who had a disturbed night.  Sleeping on an uneven mattress that sags at night disturbs the sleep posture and sleep quality. It can also be because of too much junk eating and not focusing on health supplements.

What Causes Joint Pain in Winters?


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Cold weather and joint pain are more like synonyms of each other. You must have heard this from the majority of people around you. But have you ever thought about it? Reasons may be many but it is mostly because of:

  • Past Injuries: If you had any injury on your joints, then as winter comes close there is a slight change in the comfort and minor pain starts. For those with a major injury would not be able to sleep comfortably at night due to the rise in pain.


  • Low Temperature Causes Stiffness: At Low temperature, your body faces vasoconstriction wherein blood goes to vital areas. This keeps you warm from within but our muscles, ligaments with less blood become stiff. Hence, you might face pain in your back and joints.


  • Dark Days Make You Gloomy: In winters days are short and it gets dark soon. This can cause a lazy mood and you might spend all day in bed.

While these are some known reasons or probable reasons for joint pain, it may be different for different people. This is because our body reacts and behaves in a different manner at different temperatures.

Ways to Reduce Winter Joint Pain

Joint pain is serious as it leads to lack of motivation to work, disturbed sleep, bad mood and many more issues that affect the normal daily routine. Here are few of the daily life hacks that you can try in winters or even after and reduce joint pain and even back pain:

1. Eat Healthy and Green Food

Eating nutrition rich food is beneficial for having a physically fit body and to be free from health related issues. For people with arthritis problems are advised to increase the intake of Vitamin D during winters to avoid joint pain. Food such as olive oil, mushroom, fish, milk etc. can be added in daily food diets. It will help to avoid the pain.

Moreover, Vitamin K helps to strengthen bone which can be consumed in the form of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, soybean leaf. You can also add broccoli, carrot, beetroot and other leafy vegetables and keep yourself fit to beat the cold temperature. This will keep your body warm, energetic and will eliminate the growth of joint pain.


Green Food 

2. Walk and Burn, Don’t Gain Weight

Winters are mostly about being cosy and comfortable. You prefer to stay inside your blanket and feel a lot hungrier. It is all about eating and sleeping. This may lead to a lot of weight gain which can trigger pain in the joints and muscles.

So try to go out for a small walk in the afternoon after lunch to remain active and fresh. Don’t make cold winds as an excuse to run from exercise. Take out your yoga mat and start with easy yoga poses or indoor exercise. Take a break from work after every two-hours and walk. Sip at least 8 glasses of water to remain fit and fine.


Weight Gain

3. Keep Yourself Covered and Warm

Try to keep your body warm and covered by wearing proper woollen clothes, socks, gloves, cap and all that you can carry easily. Cold air can enter your body from ears and from thin layered clothes. It will then cause/trigger pain in the joints and muscles.

Chilling breeze leaves an impact on bones for those who don’t keep a check on their nutrition intake, water consumption, etc. So, it is advisable to cover up yourself when you leave home. Moreover, in the winter season take a hot shower bath. It helps in relaxing your bones and muscles. It also helps to get relief from pain as hot water improves the blood flow.


Warm Clothes        

4. Use a Comfortable Orthopaedic Mattress

It is important to note that sleeping or working on an uneven surface triggers or gives birth to severe body pain. Such body pain can have a long-term adverse impact. Low-quality mattresses sag and sink within a year. In such cases, your body does not get the correct alignment when it is at rest. It is always advisable to sleep in the correct posture so that your body gets proper support and alignment and there are no back or joint pain issues after you wake up.

At Usha Shriram Mattress, our team focuses on all health-related issues that may arise due to disturbed sleep. We build technologies and innovation that help in eradicating such issues. Naturalex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress is designed to eliminate the joint and back pain issues. It provides relief on pressure points from all four sides. This orthopaedic mattress offers perfect spinal and joint support. Its premium quality foam and fabric helps to get free from pain and discomfort. So, you wake up active and rejuvenated.

We spend 7-8 hours of our day on bed and compromising on sleep quality is not advisable for a stress-free and healthy life.


Orthopaedic Mattress


These points are suggestive in nature for those having minor pain in the joints or are recently facing such troubles. In case of severe joint pains during winters, it is advised to visit a doctor and get medication.

While medicines and therapy help instantly, lifestyle change is equally effective for those looking for a long-term impact. Keep exercising and keep yourself fit before you start facing serious joint pain issues.

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