Anti-Bacterial and Fully Sanitized mattress Amid COVID-19

Wondering how you can order an Anti-bacterial mattress during this lockdown? Read to know more.

Until and unless we have a vaccine for Coronavirus all that we can do is to take safety measures and deploy all possible means to avoid getting infected and stay fit. Our immune system will play a vital role in fighting the virus: better the immune system, better your capacity to shield yourself from the virus.

WHO advice for battling the pandemic is vast and includes wearing a mask in a public place, washing hands after every 2 hours, practicing social-distancing, avoid getting cold and cough or fever, etc. Your health will play a major role in this and hence you are required to stay in a healthy and clean environment, sleeping at least for 8 hours to have a better immune system and remain calm and relaxed all day.

People facing anxiety issues or mental strain because of lockdown are not able to get a good sleep and are not able to concentrate on work. For good sleep, you need a planned routine and a good sleep environment. To help those who are facing sleep issues, Usha Mattress thought of coming up with anti-bacterial mattresses that are made from Zero Microbe Technology. It would keep your sleep environment healthy and free from fungal infection.

How Zero Microbe Technology Creates Anti Bacterial Mattresses?

Anti Bacterial Mattresses


In this, the mattress is passed through a Laminar Airflow Chamber which means the mattress is exposed to high pressure and UV rays to kill any bacteria, virus, etc. it has and also protects it from giving birth to a fungal or allergic substance during the mattress life. Moreover, it has the following other features:

  • Mattress has Zero Microbe Fabric which keeps it free from bad odor, fungus, dust mite, and bacteria. This means those who are allergic will have a peaceful sleep and would not be prone to cough and cold.
  • It has Prolonged Product protection that makes sure that there is not a single growth of Microbes inside your mattress.
  • Keeps the sleep environment healthy and hygienic. Experience undisturbed 8 hours of sleep and avoid sleep-related health issues.

During the manufacturing process, the team at Usha Mattress follows strict WHO guidelines on workplace measures to combat COVID-19. These measures include-

  • Temperature check of the employee before they enter the manufacturing unit.
  • Gloves, Sanitizer, and mask for all
  • Maintaining 3 ft distance at workplace
  • Untouched and Sanitized Mattress
  • People working at the unit are required to wash their hands in every 2 hours
  • Unit is sanitized twice a day

Aloelife Pocket Spring Mattress with Aloe Vera Fabric is one of the many sanitized mattresses that is manufactured by Usha Mattress which is UNTOUCHED and SANATIZED. What further adds to this anti-bacterial mattress is Aloe vera is known for its natural healing remedy and it keeps your body relaxed and fresh.

Safe, Secure and Sanitized Mattress Delivery 

Sanitised Mattress in India

To make sure that none of our customers or delivery executive get infected during the process of packing and delivery, there is a double packing done to the anti bacterial mattress ordered and is placed in a cardboard box. 

  1. One the executive reaches your place, he/she will call you from a 6ft difference.
  2. Your order will be left outside.
  3. You will be required to confirm order details vocally. 
  4. We request you not to open the mattress for the next 24 hours.
  5. Mattress inside is already sanitized and made from Zero Microbe Technology so nothing to worry..

Your health should be your priority and requires special attention at tough times. Avoid getting cough and cold, stay fresh and active, and keep your immune system strong.

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