How to create the perfect bedroom environment for children

Children are delicate and get easily attracted and affected by small things. Be it their games, toys, food or sleep pattern; they want everything to be as per their choice. For them it is more about fun and merriment, rather than addressing their needs and comfort.

Gone were the days when children used to live & sleep with their grandparents. They used to listen to bedtime stories and were under all-time supervision of someone older at home. Families have now moved to the city while there are a handful of people who prefer to stay in nuclear families. Hence, it is important to keep your child in a cheerful and calm environment.

Keep Your Child in a Serene Environment

Technological advancement is both good and bad. While your child will try to sleep with as many toys as possible; it is important that his surroundings are quiet and clean when he sleeps. There should be no disturbance but only positive vibes.

A child comparatively sleeps more than adults. Hence, it becomes vital to design the perfect bedroom for them. So, here is a short guide that will help you to design the perfect bedroom environment for your children

1. A Small Corner for Toys

 Small Toys Corner


With easy access to laptops and mobile phones all-day long, children today don’t spend much time with toys or other games that help in their development.

So, make a small corner in your children's room as a play area with different types of games. This will ensure that they keep their eyes off the screen and they talk and move more. Buy table games, wall painting games, etc. and keep them engaged.

 2. Bright and Theme-based Wall Paint


Select a cheerful and colourful wall paint for your child’s bedroom walls. So, when they wake up or go to sleep, there are positive vibes and they see good things before going off to sleep.

Your child must have a liking for a specific cartoon. Or he might be in love with some toy, cars or animals. You know his choice and can paint the wall accordingly. Keep your child active with the colours and they’ll enjoy the sleep.

3. Waterproof Mattress Protector for Undisturbed Sleep

Mattress Protector


Children behave differently during sleep. While some kids easily learn the habit of telling when to go to the washroom, some learn late and this affects their sleep as they wet the bed.

Sleeping on a wet mattress is not good. They can catch cold or it can disturb the peaceful sleep and the child will wake up irritated. Usha Shriram White knight Waterproof Mattress protector not only offers a solution from leakage and liquid spill but is also a noiseless mattress cover so that the child sleeps comfortably. It circulates fresh air and offers automatic temperature regulation to avoid excess heat and moisture.

4. Storage and Space in the room

Storage room


Make your child’s room magical with a lot of space to move around and a good storage box. Get small almirahs for them: one for clothes and one for toys. Make them learn to keep everything in their correct place before they go to bed at night. This will make them a little tired and they will fall-off to sleep as soon as they are in bed. It is important that children start learning early and eventually grow up to be a perfect human.

Stick images and posters of different things around the room. Have a bright and cheerful room so that their eyes see goods things when they are on bed.

5. Comfortable Mattress for Sensitive Skin

A sound and restful sleep is the most important thing that your child needs today. It helps them to grow both physically and mentally. Let them think peacefully, be more active during the day and assist in better learning and grasping from day-to-day life events.

With Usha Mattress, it is easy to find a comfortable sleep mattress for your child’s bedroom. The mattress will be suitable for their sensitive skin and will allow an 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep. From Aloe Vera infused mattress or to Bio-foam mattress, there are a wide range of options. All our mattresses are designed to offer maximum support to the body and to give a bouncy feel.

Made from Zero-Microbe Technology, the mattress eliminates the growth of dust and microbes that affects the sleep of the child. This helps your child to have a healthy and fresh sleep environment with 3D air-circulation and premium fabric.

Don’t compromise on the sleep quality of your child. It might affect their activeness and mood as well. Invest smartly on building a perfect bedroom for children which has good vibes.

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