How To Sleep Well During The Festive Season

The festival season is here and we can’t keep calm. As we are heading towards a line of festivals starting from Dussehra to Christmas, you can’t expect a normal daily routine. While for many it is Dussehra, for few it would begin from the first of Navratri. With such a hectic and tiring schedule, you need to plan things so that everything is at its place without any worries.

While you would be managing both your work schedule, shopping and arrangement of the festival season, what you can’t afford to comprise is a sound and healthy sleep.

Plan Your Festive Season

Staying calm, composed and energetic makes your life and work easy. With a lethargic body and lack of sleep, you tend to become irritated and give up pretty soon. Pandemic has not been the same for all. It has been challenging both mentally and physically. So, let's keep yourself safe and healthy to avoid any stress and tension.

Try these simple and easy steps to manage your sleep this festive season-

1. Have a Proper Meal

proper meal for healthy sleep

Eating good and eating healthy is the most pivotal of all things that triggers good sleep. It also signals your brain to function well. So, don’t forget to have lots of fruits, juice, cereals, muesli, juicy vegetables, etc. Make sure you go to a superstore so it saves time and makes it easy for you to run to other decor and shopping stores. Plus it will allow you to sneak in some extra time for a small nap between all the festivities.

2. Stay Away From Your Gadgets

Stay away from gadgets

The worst part of these gadgets are that you keep scrolling it without exactly knowing what you are doing with it. Because of the pandemic, there is no rescue from laptop or mobile. Majority of us have shifted to work from home. But don’t forget to keep these devices as far as possible during bedtime. The blue screen tricks your brain and it feels like it is still daytime. This disrupts the sleep cycle and you don’t get healthy sleep.

Managing work and daily chores during the festive season is a rush. So, be a smart planner and give your body the rest it requires.

3. Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress


comfortable mattress


How would you feel if you had to work all day only to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress at night? We are sure it is a nightmare for all of us. Go for a healthy and back support mattress that would give an undisturbed 7-hours of sound sleep. Ditch that lethargic feeling in the morning and wake up rejuvenated and active for the day.

If your body is working naturally, you don’t have anything else to worry about. Look for an orthopaedic mattress that would offer you over-all back and spine support. It should relieve pressure points and should make the next day festive shopping stress-free.

Sleeping on an uneven mattress means back ache all-day-long. Not finding the right support and comfort during sleep hours makes you feel irritated and tired.

4. Plan Your Coming Days


 You are generally disturbed during sleep time because you are stressed about what festive work to finish tomorrow. You can find a way out of this by managing and planning your next 15 days at a stretch.

Make your plan, list down the things that you want to buy. Figure out the day when the traffic is less in those areas or when the sale will begin. Having a planned and sorted festive season is what everyone dreams off.

5. Do Not Compromise on Your Sleep


 Be it the festive season or normal day-to-day life, never compromise on your sleep quality and hours. Keep your sleep environment healthy and hygienic. Exchange those sagging mattresses today with a Usha Shriram Mattress. It will contour to your body and you will wake up rejuvenated for those hectic festive days.

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