How to soften your mattress?

Sleeping on a hard mattress causes discomfort to your back and spine. However, not all mattresses are hard. Buying from stores that have more chemical and synthetic use or low-quality foam causes firmness which is not fit for your body type.

When you start experiencing stiff back or sleep problems like spinal pain, back pain, cervical issues, shoulder pain or difficulty in waking up in the morning; it is a signal that you are sleeping on a hard mattress or wrong mattress type. A soft mattress helps your body to decompress on the surface and contours to the shape of the body. A proper sleep triggers a productive work-environment and you wake up rejuvenated. Here are some easy tips and tricks to soften your mattress and sleep undisturbed:

1. Know the Mattress Material

Some require a soft mattress while someone needs a firm mattress. If you are facing a stiff back, it means you need to switch to a soft mattress which requires knowing the mattress base and other materials used. A soft mattress base has a direct impact on the decompressing quality of the mattress.


mattress material


A soft PUF quilt with a power rebond foam in the base gives a soft sleep comfort to the body and you sleep in your desired position. A high-density material supports the back and spine and relieves pressure points.

2. Check Mattress Temperature

Mattresses become hard in a very hot temperature if they aren’t designed as per the Indian climate. Hence, buying a temperature regulated mattress assures that it is neither too hot nor too cold which can affect the foam time. This will also prevent any sleep disturbance. Overheating of the mattress might occur because packed cell-structure will absorb moisture. It will thus retain heat thereby causing sweat and respiratory issues.

3. Toss & Turn the Mattress

If you have a dual-comfort mattress, you can easily rotate the mattress and use the softer side. Buying a dual comfort mattress is always a viable option because your body requirement might change with the change in age, eating habits or lifestyle. On some days you might need a soft mattress while at times, your body needs a little firm surface to sleep.


Dual Comfort Mattress


Usha Dual comfort mattress with air-ventilated boards and premium quality fabric allows a comfortable sleep. Dynamic HR foam with Memory foam configuration allows a soft and sound sleep along with active mornings.

4. Add a soft Mattress Topper

Mattress topper adds to the comfort and gives a soft and bouncy sleep. For those who can’t afford to change their firm mattress that is causing sleep issues, you can opt for a mattress topper instead. Latex Mattress topper not just transforms your hard mattress into a soft mattress but also gives orthopaedic comfort and relaxes your body when at rest. Additionally, it helps alleviate stress and pressure points across your entire body.


Mattress Protector


Try these tips to soften your mattress and have a comfortable sleep. Sleeping on a stiff mattress means inviting sleep troubles and serious body issues.

However, if the above solution is of no help and you are still facing the problem; then the time has come to change your mattress and switch to a comfortable mattress.

Replace Your Mattress

It is advisable to go for a dual comfort mattress so that in future you don’t face similar issues. Buying a mattress is an investment and you can’t easily switch to a new one every year. At Usha Shriram Mattress, we offer a quilted and soft mattress that allows us to have 8-hours of peaceful sleep.


usha shriram mattress


It is important that the mattress contours to your body and has a bouncy texture so that the body can rest easily on it. It gives the perfect back alignment to the body as well. A temperature regulating fabric coupled with premium Spring and foam ensures that you get a luxurious comfort and pain relief sleep.

Stiffness of the mattress also depends on the outside temperature. If the mattress material reacts to it, it means the cell is not built well-enough to regulate as per the temperature. Look for automatic temperature-regulated mattresses that neither overheat nor get cramped due to excessive cold.

Invest in a dual-comfort soft mattress that hugs to your body and you wake up active.

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