Is an orthopaedic mattress expensive online?

No, that is not always the case. It depends upon the e-commerce platform or the brand from where you are buying the orthopaedic mattress. Mattress shopping is not that simple, you need to invest a reasonable time in going through different online stores and at the same time also have the knowledge of price rate and discounts of the offline stores.

While going from one store to another for finding the orthopaedic mattress for yourself, it is best to look for the best options online and have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

Avoid the struggle of walking from store to store to look for a good orthopaedic mattress for your bed. Buy your mattress online at the best price and benefits:

1. Better information

Best Mattress for Orthopaedic Pain

When you look for an orthopaedic mattress online, you have more than 1000 people who have posted the reviews of the best options and the best price offered. With people reviewing it. You know which brand to go for and its benefits.

When you go on the store, it is only the store manager and its employee who keep telling you “how good the mattress is at their shop” and even if you might save Rs 500 extra, you end up buying a poor quality mattress.

2. Comparison of quality and price

Mattress Price Comparison

Now it is possible to compare the brands and its prices on Amazon and Flipkart. Online shopping of your best orthopaedic mattress would help to know exactly which one will suit your body type or will solve your sleep issue.

Customer ratings and reviews, lowest price, features and many more to help you in online mattress shopping and go for the best mattress.

3. Competitive Market Rates

Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

While time has now become precious for large number of people, their busy work hours and household chores has made it difficult to actually go for picking up a mattress which means that there is a very high chance that the store won’t be able to offer a better discount as compares to online shopping.

Now that demand of orthopaedic mattress has increased, Usha Mattress has come up with a pocket-friendly option for all those you are looking for one. Naturalex Foam orthopaedic mattress is designed with the best class durability and offer the optimum support to your back and body. The foam allows you to sleep in your desired posture and helps in improving body and back pain.

How to Choose the best Mattress Online at Good Price?

Educate yourself about the different type of foam and its health benefit. People with back issue or joint pain are recommended to go for an orthopaedic mattress. But how will you choose? Here are few pointers to note before investing in a mattress:

Best mattress online

  • Provides Pressure Point Relief: Look for mattress that are made from doctors’ recommendation and provide pressure point relief, so that you sleep stress-free and wake up rejuvenated.
  • Motion Isolation: Toss & turn of your partner gives a jerk on the body or neck and your sleep get disturbs and sometimes causes pain on the neck or shoulder areas. A zero-disturbance orthopaedic mattress will be a better option for those who are looking for a comfortable sleep.


  • Optimal Support: The mattress should neither be too firm nor it should be too soft that is sags as soon as your body pressure is put on it. Usha Dual comfort Memolife Memory foam mattress has a certification of posture expert and is idol for those having spinal or back pain.

While these are some of the essential features to look for a when buying an orthopaedic mattress online, you should do your detailed research about the brand and its customer review before investing on it. Usha Mattress might be an option to go for as it offers an assures of what it says with following security features:

  • 100 Night Free Trail that would make sure that you are not being fooled during your online shopping experience.
  • Easy Return & Exchange policy to avoid the hassle and headache of writing multiple mails to customer support in case of any issue.
  • Durability of its products as it comes with 7+ year of warranty.

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