Lockdown 3.0: Try these 8 New Things Amid COVID-19

As soon as you think that the Lockdown is going to end, you hear of an extension and it makes you go crazy. Till when can you rest, chill, watch movies, and be happy that you don’t have to see your boss's face every day?

Boredom is hitting all of us and few of us are getting cranky as well. While some are facing anxiety which may have a long-term impact on the normal functioning of life. So why don’t you try out some of the following ideas to spend the next 15 days of lockdown and avoid being bored?

1. Join Live Classes

You need to do some workout to avoid gaining weight during the lockdown. You might not be able to fit in your party/office clothes if you indulge in heavy eating. Join live Dance Fitness or Cardo class on the app and burn those extra calories you are taking.

cure fit live dance classes


2. Write Quotes for Your Bedroom

We all need the motivation to fight the pandemic together and losing the mental strength at this time is not good. Write good motivational and happy quotes and put it on the wall you most often see and feel good.

sleep quote bedroom

3. Cook for yourself

Try simple and healthy food recipes and learn to make at least 3 food recipes every week and we are sure that you will soon start liking it. It is not important to make the main course but try making breakfast or evening snacks and serve it to people.


4. Listen to Lectures

Many good and renowned universities, scholars, and prominent personalities are going live on Instagram and talking about real-life issues. Listen to their views, re-think, and explore your views on social issues.

zoom webinar lockdown

5. Detox Once a Week

Because we all are just Eating, sleeping and watching, all of us need to just detox and flush out the junk from our bodies. You can make a nice detox drink from Ginger, cucumber and lemon and drink that the whole day.

detox drink recipe

6. Read Books

Beginners can download apps and read columns, while others can buy books from google store if they do not have one and read books that match your view or opinion. You can try mythological books as well like the Palace of Illusions to know Mahabharat from a different perspective.

reading books

7. Record and Have Fun on Smule

Call your friends online, prepare a song and from just being a bathroom singer you can be a vocalist of your group and make them laugh at the next get-together.

smule karaoke singing

Image Source - Smule

8. Try Home-made Beauty Products

Make Ubtan from besan or papaya face pack and get the glow while at home. Taking a face steam or hair sauna is also a good try. Look at videos of experts and get the correct assistance. Your mother will be the best guide on how to use home items and get rid of skin and hair issues.

homemade skin product

While this is just a small example for you all, we are sure you are creative enough to find different ways and means to beat the lockdown blue while practicing social distancing. When you are happy, your body reacts in a better way and you enjoy a good sleep.

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