Top 5 Mattresses For Indian Climate

Choosing a mattress for each indian climate is not possible. That is why, we have curated a list of top 5 mattresses suitable for Indian climate. What’s your pick? Don’t forget to let us know.

Sleepless nights are a common issue among the majority of people. Having a peaceful sleep is what we all desire as it has a direct impact on the quality of work and our day-to-day functioning.

Quality of mattress and sleep quality are synonyms of each other. Buying a mattress online has never been easy. In a tropical country like India with diverse climates; we get confused as to which online mattress to choose.  Mattress sustainability differs from weather to weather. In the south, it is neither too hot nor humid while in the north it is both extremely cold and hot weather. So, are you planning to change your mattress depending on the climatic conditions?

No, it is neither affordable nor practical enough to keep changing the mattress as per the temperature outside.

Automatic Temperature Regulated Usha Mattress



automatic temperature regulated usha mattress



Overheating of the mattress causes sweat and you get disturbed. Tossing and turning all night to find the perfect support and neutral temperature is a major issue. The foam and fabric used in the mattress affects the heat retaining capacity. It causes respiratory and breathing issues.

With Usha Mattress, such issues are alien to our manufacturing team. During the manufacturing process, the team considers the changing climatic conditions and its impact on different mattress types. Thus, we make mattresses with the following features:

  • 3D Cell Structure: The advanced quality foam, spring structure and the fabric used in making the mattress allows air to flow. It keeps the mattress fresh and pleasant. The cell construction helps in avoiding overheating and sweat when you sleep. It keeps your sleep environment cold and fresh.


  • Automatic Temperature Control: The mattress is designed to automatically regulate the temperature while sleeping. It keeps you at a neutral temperature during summers and winters so that you don’t feel cold or warm. This in turns helps you to wake up active and happy. Sweating due to the heating of the mattress is a major reason for sleep disturbance and should be carefully looked at.

Top 5 Mattresses for Indian Climate


1. Savvy Rebonded Foam Mattress


Mattress Online


The Power Rebond and pure foam layer with NFF technology makes for a healthy and a comfortable mattress. The High-density foam layer allows automatic air-regulation, i.e., it has an air ventilated side. This reduces overheating of the mattress and keeps a balance with the outside temperature. It is self-ventilated and reduces the control of moisture on the foam. Thus, Savvy rebonded foam mattress is the best way to enjoy a cosy and fresh sleep environment.

2. Usha Naturalex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress


Orthopedic mattress


It is not just over-heating but back-support is also an important feature when you are choosing a mattress online. Tossing and turning the whole night to find balance and support is a real issue. Hence, Usha designs a combination of air-ventilated Back Support mattress to offer Premium quality sleep. Naturalex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress is the perfect combination of sound and stress-free sleep. It proffers-

  • Proper support to back and shoulder
  • Support to body from all four sides of the mattress
  • Relieves pressure and aligns with the shape of the body
  • Eliminates overheating and allows air ventilation
  • Keeps the mattress cool all night.

3. Usha Aloelife Aloe Vera Pocket Spring Mattress


Pocket Spring Mattress


Bouncy pocket spring with a combination of HR Foam and aloe vera infused fabric gives a luxurious sleep with zero-disturbance. The Aloe vera infused fabric keeps the mattress free from synthetic and chemicals. It eliminates the growth of moisture which heats up the mattress.

The advanced cell structure of the mattress allows movement of air inside the mattress. It keeps the mattress cold and pleasant for sound and 8-hours of undisturbed sleep.

4. Usha Memolife Memory Foam Mattress


Orthopaedic Mattress


It is a myth among people that memory foam eventually gets heated and causes sweating and sleep disturbance. However, the same is not true if you focus on the quality and design of the mattress. Usha Memolife Memory foam mattress has air ventilated side mesh which limits overheating and balances with the outside temperature.

It has a special orthopaedic design and gives a bouncy feel when your body rests on it.

5. Usha Magnum Opus 5.0 Hybrid Mattress


Spring Mattress


Usha Magnum Opus 5.0 is crafted to control temperature. It is further coupled with maximum back support, luxurious comfort and durability.

The hypercool pocket spring structure will allow air circulation inside the mattress. This will help you to sleep undisturbed all night.

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