Why is investing in a dual comfort mattress worth it?

Sleeping on the right mattress should be on your priority list, not just for yourself but for all your family members. Selecting the wrong mattress means inviting various troubles like back issues, respiratory problems, sweat at night, wear & tear within a year and many more. An individual mattress can be used only from one side and serves limited purpose.

While you prefer a medium soft mattress, your partner might be looking for a medium hard mattress. In such cases, you have two options: Either to sleep on a different bed or to look for options that have dual purpose. In this case, there is nothing better than having a dual comfort mattress.


Dual Comfort Mattress


What is a Dual Comfort Mattress?

The name itself is explanatory as to what a Dual Comfort Mattress is. A Dual Mattress comes with a usable surface on both sides of the mattress, i.eBoth sides can be used with different flexibility and has individual benefits. One side of the mattress is medium soft while the other is medium hard making it fit for the majority of people.

Why is investing in a Dual Comfort Mattress worth it?

Buying a dual comfort mattress has its own perks, not just monetary but also for your family. Your sister must be liking a hard surface while you want a soft one. Sometimes, this forms a major reason to fight at night as to who will sleep on which bed. Why do you want to invest energy on such trivial issues when you can easily invest in a Dual Comfort Mattress?

1. Optimum Comfort: The mattress maintains the balance of both hard and soft surfaces. There is no issue of toss & turn of the mattress all night to find the right comfort and back support. Back issue is serious, it can take away your sleep if the body does not get the correct alignment. Usha Dual Comfort Mattress is made from a high-density foam, thus making it comfortable for all.

2. Perfect for Couples: Sleep disturbance is real and it can not just affect your normal daily routine but can also hamper your relationship. Different bodies need different  mattress comfort and quality of mattress, in such a situation one person has to adjust. Usha Blessings Coir Mattress is the best Dual Comfort Mattress in India which makes you sleep undisturbed without worrying about the partner comfort.


Coir Mattress


3. Durability and Elasticity: As both sides of the mattress are equally usable, the mattress provides maximum comfort depending on the body type. The body pressure is evenly distributed all over the mattress and the life span increases comparatively.

4. All-in-One: Why do you want to toss and turn all night to find that right comfort? Your body needs 8 hours of sound sleep and you can enjoy that with a Dual comfort mattress. It offers dual support and comfort both to the body and your relationship so that you or your partner doesn’t have to comprise your sleep quality. Both of you deserve an optimal and balance sleep support.

Foam and Fabric used in Usha Dual Comfort Mattress

Manufacturing team at Usha gives their best when it comes to the quality of the mattress. Depending upon the sleep issues of the customer, Usha offers customized dual comfort mattresses with advanced raw materials like-

  • Soft PUF Quilt: One of the major properties that increases the lifespan and brings perfect elasticity to the mattress. The mattress will provide support as per your body’s requirements.


  • Dynamic HR and Memory foam: Memory foam is one of the widely used foam and helps to relieve pressure points. The foam contours to the shape of the body and gives a spa-like sensation which relaxes the body and helps you sleep without any stress and worries. Memolife Memory foam dual comfort mattress is made for those looking for both orthopaedic comfort and optimal comfort when they sleep.


Memory Foam Mattress


  • Premium Quality Fabric: The mattress is well built which gives a rich feel to the body when at rest.

Why Choose Usha Shriram Dual Comfort Mattress?

Usha Shriram Dual Comfort Mattress is a combination of both dual comfort and maximum back support with one time investment. The advanced technology and fine crafted foam and fabric will make you sleep undisturbed with following features:

  • Temperature Regulation: The advanced 3D Cell structure used allows air to ventilate which keeps the mattress cool all night. There is no worry of overheating of the mattress. You can now sleep sweat free and without any sleep disturbance.
  • Zero-partner Disturbance: PUF Foam, HR Foam or be it memory foam; all take the shape of the body. With a dual comfort mattress, the twist and turn of your partner won’t affect your sleep quality. The foam gives a bouncy feel and advanced back support which eliminates the growth of back and spine pain.
  • Hypoallergenic: Made from Zero Microbe Technology, it reduces the growth of microbes, fungus, dust mites and bacteria in and around the mattress. Your sleep environment is fresh and pleasant and you wake up rejuvenated.
  • Adaptive to all climatic change: As the cells are well built and allow air to circulate, be it a humid or cold weather the mattress will offer the same It is advisable (except for those with back issues and recommended foam time) to use a medium soft side during summer while medium hard in winters.
  • Comfort and Back Support: Low-quality mattress sink and sag which causes disturbance at night and may lead to serious back and spine problems. The mattresses are developed using NFF Technology which offers a healthy and fit lifestyle to you.


Mattress for Back Pain


With such an advanced and beneficial feature of Dual Comfort mattress, you cannot skip the comfort and ignore it. Sometimes your body needs a little hard surface and while many times you just want to swirl and jump on that soft mattress and get cosy. Buying a mattress is an investment and it is not possible to bring 2-3 mattresses for 1 bed.

Invest in Usha Dual comfort Mattress today and eliminate all sleep issues:


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