World Sleep Day 2021: Your Sleep Matters

World sleep day is celebrated annually to highlight the importance of sleep in our life and how it has a direct impact on a healthy and peaceful living. It is believed that a person’s life may be extended up to 3-times if he/she gets a proper sleep. You can survive for days without food, but without sleep the body runs out of energy and the brain stops its proper functioning.

Hence, to let the world know the importance of a proper sleep, world sleep day is celebrated. This year it will be celebrated on 19th March.

Why is Sleep important?

Your body has to work for almost 10 hours in a day including office and household work and it requires constant energy. Your body tissues grow and get repaired when you sleep and you wake up rejuvenated and active. A proper sleep helps you to fight anxiety, cope up with weight gain/weight loss issues and to build a strong immunity system. Moreover, your body gets built up to fight serious life threats like cancer and heart stroke.

Not just these, sleep deprivation has a direct impact on your fertility as the hormones that are responsible for reproduction also regulate your sleep cycle. Sleep is not only for a good work life balance but also for a happy family life as your moods are good and free from irritation.

Benefit of 7-8 Hours of Undisturbed Sleep

  • Maximizes Performance and Concentration

When you sleep, your body tissues build and get recharged which has a direct relation with the quality of work you do. It determines how productive your body can be. Sleep and functioning of the brain are connected and if your sleep cycle is affected, you’ll notice lethargic and zero-performance during working hours.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression




We all have some or the other life worries and we constantly keep thinking about it. This means that the brain is working and you are over-thinking. Over-thinking affects sleep and the brain is not at rest, thus preventing a good sleep schedule.

It is important to talk and speak your heart out to reduce anxiety and depression (if you have). Meditate or calm down before bed time and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep. It will help you to think peacefully and find out solutions for your problems.

  • A strong Immune system

Good sleep means you wake up fresh and active. You have enough energy to do some physical activity or to just go out for an early morning walk. This builds up a stronger immunity system and the body is active to fight viruses and other elements.

When the body is active and the sleep cycle is complete you feel hungry on time, love enjoying time with family and friends and feel rejuvenated.

  • Free from serious health issues

Disturbed sleep hours mean you will face inflammation and your immune system would not be able to fight with viruses, bacteria, allergies etc.. Sound and comfortable sleep eliminates and reduces the chances of heart stroke, cancer and many other life problems.

Sleep Solutions lies in Your Bedroom

Your sleep environment and bedroom set-up play an active role in having a proper sleep cycle. Make sure that wherever you sleep, you maintain a good interior and a comfortable bed. Focus on these major things and enjoy your sleep.

A comfortable Bed


Usha Shriram Mattress


Sleeping on a comfortable bed is important so that your back gets proper support and is in the correct alignment whenever at rest. This means that when you buy a mattress read and research well about the foam and fabric type and which one will best suit your back and shoulder problems. Usha Mattress is known for its premium quality foam, spring and fabric and the team customizes it as per the sleep type of the customers.

Get Zero-Partner Disturbance and Temperature Regulated Mattress so that you are free to sleep in your desired posture. Moreover, you also have an option to go for a Latex or Aloe Vera infused mattress and have a healthy sleep environment.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Keep an essential oil diffuser like Lavender and have a calm and peaceful sleep environment that would act as a sleep inducer and relax the body during bed time.

Try anything and everything that you know would relax your body and muscles and will help you to get a good sleep.

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